Anna Egorowa

Kirov area,Pizhanka,chapaeva st.,building7,
apartment 1,613380.
Modèle d'arnaque

Elle tombe en amour apres quelque lettres

Elle veut une rencontre elle a un peut d argent mais pas assé

Quand on lui pose des question jamais de réponse et si on lui répond pas tout les jour elle est frustré

Son anglais est tres tres mauvais

Echantillons de ses messages

Voici un de ses message


XXXXX I send you the photo on which I the walked with the girlfriend
on park
XXXXX I hope that you will speak more about yourself and we shall learn
one another better.
XXXXX I wish to learn from you what we with you did together? How had a
rest? What do you like to do? For example to look football? Sports and
competitions? I like to look sports, especially Olympiad. I like to
look as to skate and go for a drive on an ice. I love aerobics. And
you? What it is pleasant to you? You could sit with me on a sofa under
a blanket and look sports? I would think that all over again at us
badly turned out! A joke.
XXXXX I still like to go to cinema and on dances. I am not so good to
dance but I am able to move. I to go to cinema on a comedy and a
drama. I as like where beautifully to fight. Likely all girls like to
look on this. But I very much to be afraid horrors. I cannot look them
at all. How last film you to look? I looked last time at cinema film
which referred to " Sleepless in Seattle ". Very much it was
pleasant to me. You to look this film? And still I like " Knockin' on
heaven's door".
XXXXX tell about that as you like to have a rest. You like to float?
To draw? That can that to do? To collect machines? Or to do a photo?
It is very interesting to me.
I do not know that else to you to tell. Ask also I shall answer.
XXXXX I wait for your letter and questions!
Your girlfriend Anna
It shall be possible to name I itself your girlfriend?

mais ces une gamine?elle a

mais ces une gamine?elle a quelle age?seize ans tout au plus?

nasraoui khaled

Eres impresionantemente

Eres impresionantemente hermosa ,  como me encantaria alguna vez conocerte.

Alexander Lesat