Elena Kalistratova

Blue eyes
Modèle d'arnaque

J'ai reçu exactement la même lettre "mots pour mots" avec la même histoire de son réve dans la foret; de la part d'une autre femme nommée Masha.

Je pense qu'elle fait parti d'une organisation d'arnaqueur sur le web, car elles sont plusieurs femmes à utiliser les mêmes lettres.

A ce jour en pleine

A ce jour en pleine disscution avec cette personne! C'est asser gros son jeux et me permet d'autre photo quelle m'envoie! Mais je souligne le bon travail du site ici


   Hello my dear friend Bob.I

   Hello my dear friend Bob.
I was very glad to see your letter, thank you very much for your response. I was interested to read that you wrote to me. I very carefully read your mail, and she told me was very interesting, I liked your speech and what you have written to me. Now, knowing that we are interested in each other, we can continue our acquaintance. I know that you are Bob, from another country, you can write more about my country, and how it? beautiful doubt? I have never been in France, but had heard much about it.
I have several friends who managed to visit in abroad, they say that abroad is very nice and everyone is very polite and decent, is it? As far as my country is very far behind countries in abroad. In my country, I can not find a man for love and relationships, all my attempts and searches only caused me great pain, and one frustration in people. Now I'll tell you about my bad experiences dating. When I was in university, I looked for a variety of young men. They are nicely told me compliments, and gave me different gifts, but in fact it was on their side lies in my eyes, in fact, they only want one. I really do not like such attitude, I could not believe these people because they only wanted just one, they wanted me, not relationships! I've always tried to explain this to people who only look at my appearance that I want the relationship, I need love!
I'm looking for a man who support me will understand and care about me. In a word, I can not find in my country the right man for me. Could you Bob write a story about your attempts to find love?
My favorite season is summer. In the summer I often go with my mother on the beach. On the beach I like to sunbathe and swim. I also enjoy reading books, most of all I like to read novels. The books I like the fact that people find each other. In the books ever written is very sensitive and detail, and I like it, because I am a sensitive girl. My favorite books are works of Pushkin and Onegin, as I love Shakespeare. I love to watch movies in the evenings after work, my favorite movies is Gone With the Wind, Avatar, and certainly the most famous film about the great powerful love is Titanic. Have you watched these movies?
Sometimes I gather from a dinner with my girlfriends, my girlfriends are mothers of the children in my kindergarten, where I work. I love to cook and when we get together with friends, I always cook a cake. I love sweets, I'm sweet tooth. When I invite friends, we sit drinking tea and eat my cake, and of course we have to talk about family life and how wonderful it is to have a family. I know how to cook different dishes in the main specialties.
I have a big open soul and heart. But the same time my heart is not open for everybody! I don't like to judge people by appearance, because I want to find my soul mate, my second half. I feel that I am ready to live happy with only one man. Dear I would like to know what you think about long stable serious relationship? Honesty and trust are the main things which I do appreciate in any relationship. I had different experience in my life. Now I choose one way, the way of love to create a family with trust relationship. Tell me please what you chose. Two people together could do everything! We could live a happy life together. What do you think about it? I will wait for your answer with a huge wish to know and understand you better.
Kiss you,
Sweet Elena.


  Hello  Nice to meet you  :)

  Hello  Nice to meet you  :) Staffon