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Hello, dear.

I first became acquainted through the Internet. I am pleased that you are configured to communicate. In order to help us get to know each other, I'll tell a little about yourself.
I was born in Russia, and where still live with my mom. I really love my mom, we had very close. My dad left us when I was 1,5 years, I remember him only from photographs. In my childhood I missed my father's care and love, and still I feel this loss with all my heart and soul. My mom worked two jobs to provide me and give a decent education. With her help I've graduated University in my city. Tell me about your family.
After graduation, I got a job in a watch shop. I worked as a salesman and consultant. I like to work there, we have a good friendly staff.
From childhood I love different kinds of sports. Swims, volleyball, ballroom dancing. Dancing I worked with seven years. I really enjoyed performing in school and participate in competitions in dancing. But alas, at the age 14  I had to leave school because I broke my right leg. Fell from the bike.  You like sports?
 Now, a salesman, I can buy myself some things, but the bulk of earnings spent on food and housing.
I love to read books and it is much more interesting than movies, because the human imagination is boundless. The last thing I read this Harruki Murakami, Hear the Wind Sing,. I like to read the works of Angel de Quat. This author as if peering into the depths of your soul and begin to understand what is really important in your life. Do you enjoy reading books?
On weekends I spend time in different ways go to the theater, movies, talk with your friends. If you can get out of town, I only, because nature, fresh air is always nice and helpful. In the summer I like to spend time on the beach, sunbathing, swimming. With the onset of winter to go out swimming pool, it helps me to keep your figure slim and in good condition. Generally, I love to swim.
Once a week I have been doing yoga at home, at fitness centers do not have enough money. Very much I love to cook, must cook with soul. I want to learn to do rolls, to me they really like. What kind of cuisine do you prefer? In this regard, has already acquired culinary literature.
I love animals, especially dogs. Do you have pets?
But despite all the difficulties, I am very cheerful person, who is in
search  of his happiness and love. I hope that my letter will interest
you and you will not be slow to respond. Liza.

utilise aussi le prénom Olga

utilise aussi le prénom Olga