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Visa + passport scam

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hi, mine !!!!
To begin with I wish to tell to you thanks!!! Thanks you for your letters, for
that that you write to me every day, for your love, kindness and caress!!!!
I am happy to receive your letters every day!!!!
My darling, I as on you very much miss. I hope you can write to me when you
will be translated in other camp?
My sweet I know, that you as love me. I feel, that your feelings is sincere to
me and you write in all sincerity. I know, that you will never deceive me. I
completely trust you and everything, that I wish to be only it with you!!!!!!!
To me so it is lonely without you in this city!
And I want that we have met, have overcome all barriers, this distance and have
met, were together, for ever!
I wish every instant the life to spend with you because I LOVE YOU!
My angel of tenderness! My happiness, my life is you favourite! You - my
pleasure and my pain, my reality and my dream!
Having presented me the love, you have filled my heart of songs of pleasure
which never will die... I am assured, that happen, we always will be together,
after all You are I, and I am you!
I love you very strongly!!!!
I hope for our fast meeting, I trust in you that you will carry out our
I will look forward your letter!!!
Yours Anjella

P.S: MY love *, native mine simply be with me, and I will be happy, I
very strongly wish to meet you! I wish to tell once again only, the love is
pleasure even at comprehension of that between us such big distance. And
I ask you send to me the help. 


Please be careful and never

Please be careful and never send money to women from other countries. I lost 450 euros!!!!


Where is the passport?

Where is the passport?


She never showed me anything!

She never showed me anything! She suddenly stopped sending e-mail's . I am so angry. I want my money back , but it seems so difficult.


She was interested in your

She was interested in your money. She said she loved you and you were trapped. Many men fall into this trap and especially when it's a pretty girl.

Typically the scammer is not the person in the photo. Never send money to a Russian woman.


Unfortunately all women do so

Unfortunately all women do so one way or another!