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She/who ever she is is just a

She/who ever she is is just a bag of shit:) Can't say any more than that. It's scary how evil people can be, and how easily they are able to live with such degree of darkness and evil, while at the same time pretend to like you.

Today, I am at the stage where after toying with my scammer, letting here send her stream of letters before she this morning finally sent me the email where I am told - supposedly by this fake translation company- that Anna has been using a translation company. So, the scam is on, as they say hehehe and I am happy to be ontop of it, rather than fooled by it. But I remain careful.

"Dear Sir,

We are the "Linguistic Traditions" Translation Bureau.

We provide our clients with the translation service of

different kind: technical, educational, reference,

scientific, fiction and personal correspondence.

Our workers are highly qualified specialists with a great

operational experience.

Your Lady Anna is our clients now and uses our service

for her correspondence with you. We have to inform you,

that she is not able to pay for the next set of letter

to you, if you are willing to continue your relation

with her, you can help her with the payment for the next

group of your personal correspondence letters.


We will be glad to inform you about the further details.



Always glad to help you.

"Linguistic Traditions" TB staff.


You can contact us right through

the e-mail address of your Lady Anna."