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comme d'habitude , correspondance a moitier suivie répond très peu aux questions, repond toujours en anglais , et comme toujours tombe soudainement amoureuse  et voudrait venir me rejoindre .

n'a pas eut le temps de demander de l'argent , je l'ai calmer de suite en lui donnant tous les tarif

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello my new friend !!
Honestly, I feel a bit confused, because I never wrote
person via the Internet, and I do not even know where to start
with ... Well, I'll start from the beginning. My name is Svetlana
I live in a small Russian town called Cheboksary. It
Very good location, especially in summer, and there are many good
People here. I was born on December 20, 1985.
I am 26 years old, and I think it's a very good age to start a new
Life! I work in a hospital, and I have children doctor by profession. I
I love children and it is very pleasant to deal with them.
but I am in my place, and I think I would
never change my work, even if they offered me a million dollars! and that
it's about you? tell me what you and what are your ambitions
I live with my mother, my father died when I was 15 years old.
He crossed the street to criss-cross, but unfortunately the driver
was drunk, and he did not notice my Dad ... and it so happened that I
lost my wonderful Dad, whom I loved immensely ... It was a difficult time
for my mom, but we were together and overcame everything. Right
After high school, I enrolled in a medical university, which was
located in the nearest city (I do not want to leave the only female) and
After the end of it.
Not much has changed since then, but one day I realized that I was tired
life here, tired of being alone and tired of the same person. and
one when I was walking home after a night in the hospital, I saw
ads dating agency. We have never had such before and
decided to try it, I took a few photos and wrote a few words about yourself and
brought them to the agency. I do not know what it will take me, but
at the moment I feel very interested in you! Please send me more
about yourself and do not forget to send me your photo! I'll look
waiting for your answer and come here tomorrow again!
with my best wishes,

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