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My dear wonderful LLOYD!! I am so happy to read your letters after hearing your voice! You are
so fantastic with all things that you are doing for me! Yes I feel how be become closer and
closer to each ocher and learning more and more about each ocher! You are in my mind too.
Thank you for taking about me with your friends. I like to hear that you are crazy about me
and I happy that you smiling all the time. Actually I want to see us together. I thing
that we are a couple and I have many dreams about it. I want to take all of your life and
share everything with you.
Thank you for your care about me and Dana. I read about your lawyer…I don’t know what to
think .. I am sad a little, but I have a hope in my heart. I hope that everything will work.
Maybe it will be better not to tell my ex about a wonderful man in my
life. Maybe it is better just tell him that I want to go to another country and work there. I don't know.

Anyway I think that we will solve this problem! We have really strong feelings to each ocher.
We have a biggest power- love. Love will help us in any question!
I am thinking about you and I can’t wait to see you in person.
 Hello,my darling!!!!I missed you,Lloyd! I was so delighted to receive your letter!!!!! I am so looking forward our first meeting in real life. I want to sing and dance every minute:)All of my songs are devoted to our meeting:)  It is an unbelievable pleasure to imagine our date!! I am so happy!!!I hope you feel the same excitement!!!!!  I have also great news for you. Today morning I went to Ukrainian Travel company < > and I talked to the travel agent, Galina Ivanova, about the possibilities to go to your country. They told me that it is necessary to get visa, it will be just a tourist visa because we have never met each other before.And also it is not necessary for you to send me an invitation letter. Because I can't get a guest visa to you too.Unfortunately! Only a tourist visa, and I can stay there from 2 weeks to 30 days. As soon as I can apply for visa they can start the arranging process, and it will take a month to do it. I feel like I can not wait so long!!!  As for the passport, they told me that I can bring all the documents at once when I apply for my visa so that I will not have to waste my time on such trifles. I need to pay $1025 for my passport and $310 for visa.  Honey, I am so tired of waiting!!! I want to be there with you right now. I want to make a wish and find myself hugging and kissing you. I am so eager to see you as soon as possible. People in that travel agency do not understand that they are tearing my heart to pieces. It is so unfair!! Darling, I trust you and I hope that you feel the same way too. Please,Lloyd, I gave you my heart, be sincere and faithful to me. I think the whole world is looking at us, hoping that we will make a good match!  You said that you want to see me as much as i want to see you ...I do not know how to say...You know i can not start doing this documents without your help. I am only a student and my parents can not borrow me such amount of means. They do not gain such money. I am really sorry, but i can not cope with it on my own...This things (i mean passport and visa) are to expensive for me. Please, honey, i want to see you more then anything in the world. I want to be able to talk to you, to whisper some silly little things on your ear, to hear your breath...Oh, it is killing me...I can not think that i can not do it because of such trifles like passport and visa:)I just have no idea what to do...Totally yours. Alina

I also met this scammer. She…

I also met this scammer. She also said she wanted to be with me and then on her third letter, began to ask for money. She claimed that she had problems with money for her rent, money for her food, money for clothes and medical bills for her grandfather. I'm happy to see that she was caught and posted on many black lists.

SCAMMER ALINA … (non vérifié)