Marina (se fait appeler Sofiya )

Prénom/First name
Marina (se fait appeler Sofiya )
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

contact classic . se fait passer pour une etudiante dentiste qui doit venir en france pour une formation de 6 mois . fait toutes cess demarches prend son billet d'avion. joint une copie du billet avec les frais puis l'amis de son pere qui devais lui donner de l'argent pour partir ne peut plus lui donner . donc dema nde de lui envoyer ave c promesse de rembourssement la somme de 800 euros.  Elle aurais du ce douter que j'aurais une dent contre elle ... lol .

rien d'autre a dire

rien d'autre a dire


(sans sujet)


(sans sujet)


This girl is a really work of

This girl is a really work of art. She can play you like a fiddle and can sound very sincere and honest. She is just a gold digger who wants money. Se sends you photos and then more photos and then seductive ones  as well. And she needs money to come and work in your country. She does not where herself but she wants to come and work in your country. She confessed her love and the sent and email on a different address to me looking for a relationship. She jus a scammer.

Do not give her anything, she will take you money and run.



Classic scamming. This girl

Classic scamming. This girl pretends she hot visa to work as dentist in Belgium for 6 months and that all fees will get paid by her fathers friend. But then she starts telling her fathers friend has some troubles with tax services and needs your help to pay for ticket. She also ask money for Internet cafe. In fact it sounds strange that someone that works as a dentist (even in Russia) has no money and can not afford pay all herself. Do not answer her messages .... such girls spoil your time.



Yes this girl can really con

Yes this girl can really con you

Wants to come to Australia to work as a Dentist

Has 3 work placements but is forbidden to tell you where they are.

Asks for 60,000 roubles to be sent as she must have money on hand before a visa is granted

All the same photos were sent to me  eg Zhesi the dog

This girl or her scammers use the same photographs, same ploy to enter your country(dentist) but has adopted another name

(Anastasia--nicname  Sofiya) and I presume a different address--Zherdevka

She wastes no time in saying she is falling in Love with you

She is very "Convincing"


Absolutely correct gentlemen.

Absolutely correct gentlemen. She has been emailing me the usual script and in fact the same pics. dog, dad and all.

As I am a man of the world and have had previous attempted scams from other women, I knew immediately what she was up to. No demand for money yet but I just today got fed up scamming her into thinking that I believed her. Just sent her an email informing her that I am on to her little charade.Haha.

A nice surprise when she reads that!!!!!!!!!

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arnaque classique aprés envoi

arnaque classique aprés envoi de photos demande d'argent, mail : , se fait appeler VERA AGAFONOVA


Elle  m a contacté  sous le

Elle  m a contacté  sous le nom d Anastasiia   modus opératoire identique  dentiste en formation qui vient a Bruxelles  pour 6 mois mais qui voudrait bien sj'installer   et blablabla    puis vous demande la somme  de 670 euro  pour compléter    la somme manquante   elle va même jusqu a  donner des photo  avec billet (faux je présume de service  agence qui l a aider à avoir ticket d avion et hôtel )  


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