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Hello Ali. I am pleased to receive your answer. Now I want to tell to
you about my family. I was born in safe family. My mum works as the
tutor in a kindergarten. To her 52 years. My mum very much loves
children and consequently she all a life works as the tutor for
children. Mine the daddy works as the builder. He builds apartment
houses. Mine the daddy has education of the builder and consequently
he as loves the work. To mine to the daddy of 58 years. I very much
love the parents. I think, that they gave me good education, have
helped me to receive education and now I as I work also to me my work
is pleasant. I love my parents, I very much miss them. I miss, because
I the parent live in the other city. It is city Vladimir. It is very
close from Moscow. I have the grandmother as. To her of 76 years. She
lives in village. She lives on distance of 130 kilometers from
Ekaterinburg. I have no any brothers and sisters. I have the aunt and
the uncle also. They the same as also I live to Ekaterinburg. I very
lonely woman because I have no the beloved. I want to love and be
loved. I very much do not have man's caress and care. I had relations
with Russian the man. From the beginning he spoke, that loves me, he
very beautifully looked after, gave flowers and all was good. I
thought, that it is very serious relations which then will turn in
happy family. But that the man always spoke me what early to marry and
start children because all over again it is necessary to make good
career. I trusted all to his promises and waited, when he will excel
in the work. We were together 2 years. But 8 months ago, he has told
to me, that he loves other woman and any more does not want to be with
me. It was very hard for me to transfer it. I have lost 2 years of the
youth with it the man and now I am afraid, that it will be difficult
for me to find correct the man and to create family. After that I was
very strongly disappointed in Russian men, therefore now I want to try
to meet correct the man in the Internet. I hope, that men who live
abroad more seriously concern to women and relations. All my
girlfriends speak me, that very strongly I trust people, therefore me
simply to deceive. I do not want to repeat again this mistake and to
remain with broken heart. I want to meet that the man which will
always love me and never will betray and will not change. I hope, that
you want to receive from the woman too most. I usually spend my free
time with my girlfriends. Sometimes we go to cinema. And sometimes we
go on picnics. We do picnics in the summer sometimes on the river and
sometimes in park. I am similar to cookery. I love experiments with
food. I prefer various salads, meat, and a fish also. I never smoke. I
do not drink, only I can sometimes drink a glass good wine on holiday
in the good company. I am very romantic woman. I like to meet sunrises
and declines at coast of the river. I want to look sunrise at coast of
ocean. When I feel very badly on my soul I go on the nature, and to me
it becomes better. I like to go in a wood and to sit on coast of the
river, supervision water and reflections. I think that very
interesting human life. At each person the destiny. And while the
person will not live long time, he does not learn the destiny. Now we
write each other the letter, and can be fast we shall understand, that
we those two persons who searched for long time each other and at last
have found. There can be we should grow fond each other and to be
together. Probably it is our destiny, but about it we learn later. I
think that it is all while. I want to receive always many your photos.
I like to look your photos. Care. And I wait your following letter.