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Hello again Ali!
I am pleased to see your letter. I am grateful to you, that you understand me.
Ali, I want tell to you little bit more about me. I hope, that it is interesting to you.
My age is 29 years. My birthday is June 30, height 170 cm, weight 52 kg.
My name is - Ekaterina. I was named so in memory of my great-grandmother. She was very clever and wise woman.
I never saw her, but heard many good memoirs. And what about your name??? Why you have received such name?
I live in city Pavlovo. This is small but beautiful city in the Nizhni Novgorod Region. I was born here.
5 years I live separately from my parents. They live together with my grandmother not far to my city.
I inherited from my grandmother apartment and I moved there.
I like to dance and listen to cheerful music. I believe, that music helps to have a good mood.
And what music do you like? It will help me to understand your character.
I never had experience of acquaintance to the men from other country. But I think that it really interesting.
I heard much, that men outside of Russia are more gallant and more polite. Is this true?? What do you think?
I saw one a real-life example. My girlfriend married and has left in Europe to her husband. Recently she has again arrived to Russia already with the husband.
I looked at them and was pleased to their happiness. They - really fine pair!
I saw how they love each other.
By the way, their names Yulya and Derrick.
Yulya informed me to follow her example. I - during long time could not be solved on it. But thinking, I have been solved.
I had relations with men in Russia earlier. I have many admirers till now. But I understand, that it will not bring anything serious.
I - enough adult, also do not want the relation just for several weeks.
I have decided, that I shall try to fix acquaintance through the Internet. I have the Internet on work in a cabinet of the chief..
Therefore I can often write to you.
Ali What you search in the Internet? You search for serious relations or all it only for fun? Please answer my question sincerely.
I estimate kindness and sincerity in people. I do not love liars and egoists.
About if it is fair, I do not know that I can tell about me directly more. I hope, that you can ask me about something. I shall answer you with pleasure.
I will apply my films for you. Also wait your comment on it. OK?
I should go now. I'll wait for your letter.
Take care.