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Salve a tutti, questa è l'ennesima ragazza che tenta di truffarmi, prima i discorsetti, lavoro, vita, loro sono sempre sole, hanno bisogno di un uomo che si prenda cura di loro,quando compiono gli anni, ti mandano 3-4 foto ogni mail, a me l'ultima mail che mi ha mandato mi ha chiesto soldi e nelle foto non era più lei. Diffidate ragazzi ce ne sono a fiumi di queste truffatrici in Russia e in Ucraina, fatele parlare, prima o poi vi chiederanno di incontrarvi e poi vi chiederanno soldi, non spedite mai soldi! Non li riavrete mai più. Saluti a tutti

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello, my dearest and beloved darling Marcello!
I am the happiest woman in the world, because I am dating the best man
in the whole world, and I am so much waiting for the magic moment of
kissing you in reality and whispering you: “Thanks for being as you
are: so gentle, noble, romantic, tender and damn sexy!” And my love, I
hope this happens very soon…
And  dear,  of  course  I  am  dreaming  about  us having some romantic
dinner... What can be better... That would be so great!!!
Also, my dear, I will have my birthday on the 1st of October, and I
will be so happy to spend this holiday with you!!! I will dream about
you this day!!! And yet, my cousin all the time reminds me about this
day… Because I promised my cousin and some other my friends to make a
nice celebration. Maybe in the café, or at home. I want to see all my
friends, and I will be glad to see them happy this day… Unfortunately
the main guest will not be here :(, you :(. So, this weekend will be
very busy, I will be making a great cleaning and washing at home :).
My darling, I had been trying to make
this several times, but only today I had a chance to find out
everything in the passport office and Travel Agency about my trip to you. I was explained
that before making any visa I need to start with the international
passport, as I don’t have it. And that is very expensive to have it
done, unfortunately, but it is the obligatory thing. As I supposed… :(. So, to have it
done in the soonest time will cost about 380$ US dollars, and it will
be ready in about a week or so. If it is possible to wait for some
longer, about 3 weeks or 1 month, then it will cost 270$ US dollars,
and to have it done in 2-3 months, that will be 160$ US dollars. My
baby, as for the visa, they help completely in making the visa, they
have the connections in the Embassy and for this will be much more
easier for me to get the visa and through their Agency and with their
help, that will cost about 140$ US dollars to have it ready. My dear,
I am really very much ashamed, because I have always considered myself
a very independent woman, but now I can not consider myself like that
because I am not able to start the process without your financial
assistance… That is a huge sum for me, more then my salary and I
really rely on your help to make us complete our dream and to be
together… My sweet darling, I hope that you are also as serious about
us as me and that you will agree to help me, because I know that you
are the most caring and loving man, and that is the reason why we are
together… My darling, I am now sending you my passionate kiss and
waiting for your reply! Kisses, yours Katya.