Hue Lau Kie

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Hue Lau
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5528 Memorial Drive, Keller, Texas, 76244
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

Hello, I'm here to say that this man invited me to the USA. When the documents were formed I had a mistake to send him a copy of my passport. I had some problems with a departure, but he said that he is still in a process of choosing between others and played for time (but first told me that I'm welcome at his home), I felt that he was sincere in his intentions. Then he began to play for time, he wrote that he loves another one. In my opinion it is obvious who this man is. It's a lier. Be on the alert with talking to him.

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

My dear princess Svetlana,
Remember I told you at the beginning that I correspond with 2-3 other girls? I have also told  you that I am no longer searching for any new girls, as evidence by my deletion of my account from the website. I do not go to that website anymore and I have no plan to go there again because I have a few girls that I am very happy with and I plan to marry one of them next year. Well, since you are coming I have just decided to stop further communication with one of them. In a way, narrowing down my choices. You should be happy about this because you will have one less "competitor" so to speak. OK, let me tell you my reason why I dropped her. She seems to be a very nice person from the many correspondences we exchanged. I get to know quite a bit about her that she may not even realize how much.  She is very pretty and attractive like you, and I can say that she is the girl of my dream in real life. I offered her $2000 cash (the cash to be sent to her right now so she can make an international passport, apply for visa, and purchase a plane ticket) or what it could be - and that is, I am ready to open up my heart to love her, care for her, romance her, cherish her, adore her, do whatever it takes to support her, give her romance and happiness, and give her a comfortable, peaceful, and harmonious family. I love my woman, and I know how to love my woman. I am calm, patient, peaceful, intelligence, and never like to fight or quarrel. More over, I do not have any bad habits and I am faithful. And if everything goes well with our meeting, if we even have a chance to meet, I am prepared to marry her and apply for her to come to the United States to stay permanently because I live here in a big new and nice house in a nice suburb, and I make enough money from my job that I can support the family, to live very comfortably, and she probably never have to work another day, unless she want to be a little more independent and make some money for her own pocket. I would respect her, never mistreat her, make her the queen of my castle. At my age, I have no desire to look for another woman or to come out to date again. I am searching for a woman to be with me for the rest of my natural life. I will be devoting my life to her, and her only, to build our own little universe. I like to travel and I am sure to take her with me to travel and experience different parts of the world. I have already been to many parts of the world many times. That makes me want to travel even more to see and experience the world. However, I am perplexed, and saddened that, instead of the opportunity to live a happy life with someone who will love her always, she chose to take the cash and does not plan to do what she is supposed to do. The ironic part of this is that, I would love her and support her, and that I will gladly pay for all her expenses anyway if she would spend it on things she told me she would do. But instead, she chose to take the cash for a quick short term gain with no plan to do what she told me she will or supposed to do. And at the end, she did not get any money, and do not have the opportunity to have a relatively good life in an upper middle income family in America with a husband who will really love her very much and stay with her always. Sometimes people are just so short sighted, they just want a few dollars in front of their eyes and never see beyond the bigger, more rewarding life at the other end. It is tragic in a sense. But that is how she chooses and I just have to respect her choice. But may be she never intended or changed her mind for a life with a foreign man in another country in the first place. In that case, she have wasted both my time and her own time and for what? So, that is why I am feeling such sadness and bad about the situation and really perplexed at her action and choices. I just do not understand! Babe, I hope you are not like her, otherwise I will have even less choices, perhaps down to 1 and at most 2 girls to choose from. So, you should be very happy, as least for me, that I have decided to cut off my correspondence with such a short-sighted girl, beauty without good characters. Now I can have more time to focus on knowing more of you and building our relationship. Honey, are you happy? You still want to be my princess after I have told you that I was corresponding and get rather serious with this girl? And that she is one of the very few girls who may be my future beloved wife and life time partner? But I did tell you in the beginning that I was exchanging letters with 2-3 other girls. So you should not be mad at me because I have been very honest from the beginning. I certainly do not want to hurt her or anyone but I do not need a beautiful wife without characters and good, decent human qualities and personalities. Do you think I did the right thing?
Your Huey



Hello dear Svetlana, sorry I have not replied for a few days. I am not
sure how to convey my thought properly. May be let me ask you, what do
you think or what is your comment on the girl I mentioned in my earlier
email? Do you think she is for real, a decent person with good honest
intention? Should I dump her without notice?
Best regards,



Hello Svetlana,
Well, actually I have dumped the girl I mentioned before. She is one of
those unscrupulous people that permeates this particular website and
this website condones these types of people. Worse yet, perhaps this
website is operated by one of those unscrupulous people that I mentioned
in my profile. Once in a while I give second chance but it is usually
not taken because most people just do not want to turn around to lead a
decent, honorable,  and reputable life. That is their lost and I would
not have any feeling for them. What do you think? Do you think people
deserves second chance or they should embrace the chance that they are
fortunate enough to have been given to?
Anyway, I think I have gotten the answer, for the questions I have in my
prior email, from your silent.

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