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Tried to tell me she was from Kursk, looking for love. Checked I.P after finding this hard to believe, was not located where she said, in fact was in IP Address:
IP Address Country:  Russian Federation

IP Continent:  Europe

IP Address City Location:  Yoshkar-ola
IP Address Region:  Mariy-El
IP Address Latitude:  56.6369,
IP Address Longtitude:  47.8711
Organization:  CJSC Company ER-Telecom Yoshkar-Ola
ISP:  CJSC ER-Telecom Holding

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello Andy! I have tested huge pleasure to receive your answer to my
message. Thanks, that you have found time to write to me. I want will
get acquainted with you and to begin dialogue. You have very much liked
me also I have decided to write to you. In my letter I wish to tell to
you a little about myself. My name Anna, me of 28 years I live in
Russia, in the city of Kursk. It is a small city in Russia it it is
located on the river Seim. The population of our city of 464 thousand
As I am sorry for an error in my profile the matter is that
the site did not accept my questionnaire when I tried to specify the
country. It is my first experience in dialogue with the foreigner, I
hope that our dialogue will not be limited only to this letter and we
will get acquainted with you more close.
At present I the free woman
also have no relations with the man. I was registered on a site of
acquaintances because I wish to find the man for a long joint life and
family creation in the future. I already enough adult girl also think,
that I already am completely prepared for a life with the man and family
As I wish to warn you, that my knowledge of "English"
language possibly is much worse than yours and consequently I very much
hope, that you can well understand my letter and about what I write all
to you. I have studied English language when studied at university, it
was the second obligatory language after "English". I can freely speak
on "English". But I already long time did not communicate with anybody
on a foreign language. And as I wish to restore my knowledge of language
in the course of correspondence with you.
It is my first experience
in acquaintance to the man through the Internet. I am in search of my
pair and for this purpose I have decided to use the Internet, I heard,
that now it is very widespread way will get acquainted. As on a site of
acquaintances I saw some happy histories about acquaintance of some
pairs. These people have got acquainted on the Internet and have found
each other and now they have a happy joint life. And I as have decided
to try to begin acquaintance to you and to try to learn you more close.
with my letter I wish to send you a photo me. I very much hope, that it
is pleasant to you. As I very much hope, that you will send me your
photo because I wish to see how you look. Having received your photos it
will be easier to me to present your image and your life. It is very
interesting to me.
I hope, that you seriously concern our
acquaintance because I wish you to warn, that my intentions only
serious, I want what games. I wish to be with you fair and sincere from
my first letters and consequently I as I ask you to speak me the truth. I
think what to speak boxes each other it is not meaningful, if both of
us wish to find serious relations.
I very sincere, sympathetic and
benevolent person, the cheerful and sociable girl. I wish to tell to you
about me and my life. I want, that you could present my life I will try
gradually расказать to you about it. I as hope you will ask me that it
will be interesting to you to learn about me. I with the great pleasure
will answer all your questions.
I the girl from a decent family also
have good education and education. My parents have taken care that I
would get good education and I am grateful to them for it. My parents
have sent me studies in prestigious school. After school I have entered
the institute on faculty of the international relations and have got
good education. It was interesting to me to study it. To my regret, I
could not find to myself work from for insufficiency of experience. In
our country now it will very difficultly be arranged for good work
without acquaintances and communications which would help you. Now I
work as the seller in a large supermarket. I help people to be defined
with a thing choice which it is necessary and convenient in application.
live separately from my parents, I the independent woman. But I often
visit my family, at us very warm dialogue. I have made decision to live
separately from my family and to start to create my own life.
think, that to start our acquaintance I have enough told to you about
myself. Now I would like to learn more about you. Tell to me where you
studied? And what you have work?
Whether as it is very interesting to
me to know you have children? If you already have children know, for me
there will be no it a problem. I very much love children at any age.
Children it is flowers of our life!
I with the big impatience will wait your answer for me. Your new friend Anna!

Esta Chica sigue intentando

Esta Chica sigue intentando estafar a la gente. Las mujeres que por aqui aparecen son muy guapas, pero tambien unas estafadoras. Ojala no estafen a nadie más.


i also had contact with her.

i also had contact with her. i added three more pictures.


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