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Masha, maria
Belgorod, Moscow street 13-26
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cherche l'ame soeur, son seul et unique homme,  je lui propose rapidement de venir me voir, me repond de ne pas précipiter les choses, et finalement, comme par hasard, 2 jours plus tard obtient des vacances de son patron pour venir en France pendant 3 semaines, mais n'a pas assez d'argent pour venir et demande de l'aider financierement

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I'm glad you
told me, I'm a little embarrassed, because this is my first encounter
with a man from another country. We are so far apart, yet we can
communicate at a distance. When I saw your profile on a dating site, I
decided to know you better because you seemed to me a very interesting
man. Therefore I start writing you
with smile on my face and with excellent mood! If you don't remember
my name is Masha. I am 26 years old. I want to
understand if you understand me and my thoughts. In this case I want
to tell you about myself. So you will know me better very soon. If you
don’t want serious relationship please write me about it because I
search for serious man here, who’s ready to create a family. I want to
find my soulmate, I want to find a man, who will understand me and
share with me all feelings and thoughts. As for me I was born in
Samara, Russia. My parents and I lived in Samara for 20 years. My
father had a job in the government of Samara. As I understood it is a
dangerous job in Russia. So my daddy was killed 5 years ago. I don’t
know who did it, and police doesn’t know either. Bad guys killed my
father. It was a part of my life in this world. Now I live the next
part of my life. Yes, I was shocked when my father was killed, but I
think that we must continue living. I really understand that all
people in this world come here and go away. This is a real life.
Therefore I don’t want to remember up the story about my dad again.
After his death my mom and I moved to another city, this was done so
that people who killed my father did not reach us with mom. Now I live
mom in Belgorod, Russia. I have a job here. When I lived in
Samara i finished University for the Humanities. This moment I am
working in an orphanage, a teacher educator. The responsibilities of my
job is caring for children who are without parents. These children are
from middle-class children as children, some of them when I never saw
his parents on some parents simply refused to imprint on a child's life.
I like my job, I think I do a good job. I can say, replace a mother to
these poor children. All children from the orphanage love and respect
me. I guess they feel my good attitude towards them. Also I like healthy
life. And 3 days in a week I go to
swimming indoor pool and fitness studio. Do you like sport? And what
kind of sports are you prefer? I want to tell a little about my mom: I
love her! My mother survived the loss of a loved one, my father and I
saw how she was painful and difficult moments in life, but she coped
with it. She’s really ready to support me in different moments! 
You can send me your photo, I would be very grateful for this gesture.
I have not brothers or sisters. All my life I’ve wanted a brother or
sister! I like children! Now I think about my own children and family.
What is the most important thing in the family relations for you? I
think children are the greatest creations! I understood it because I
saw how much my mother love me. Now you know me a little bit better.
I’ll wait for your answer with a big interest to know you better.

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