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    there apparently doing well catching suckers

Dear Sir,

We are writing to inform you about the situation Maria (the
whom you are corresponding with) has. As you know, Maria is a
of our agency but now she does not have an opportunity to pay for
translational services we provide.
Maria called at the agency to ask a
permission for writing you this
letter and explaining the situation she is in
now. Maria asks to tell
you that she is very interested in you and wants to
get in touch with
you but unfortunately because of some financial problems
she can not
do that.
We are writing from her e-mail address in order to
avoid all the
misunderstandings between you and your lady. If you are
in our services and want to continue correspondence with
please inform us and we will send you all the necessary
as soon as possible.

Our private e-mail address is:

We are
always ready to answer your questions and help you.

Agency "Rassvet"

Echantillons de ses messages


How are you doing?

Thanks for your interest in me and I am extremely happy that could attract
your attention. Well, are you looking for a friend or your second part?
Do you want to find somebody whom you can share your joy and troubles
with? Whom you can open your heart and soul?
I am not sure I can be exactly this person but I promise I'll try to do
my best. :) Frankly speaking I don't know English but I'm translating
the letters with the help of the translational agency and I hope that
won't be a communicative barrier between us!!!
I just want to begin my letter with telling you about myself and to give
you an opportunity to understand whether I am the girl you are searching

So, let's start with simple things. Like name :) I am Maria, a girl
of 27 years old. I was born in Ukraine, in a small city Artemovsk where
I spent 19 years of my life. I lived there with my family, which
consists of my mother and father only. I don't have either sister or
brother, only two cousins whom I can see now very rarely.
My parents...what can I say about them? They mean a lot for me and I love
them very much. My mother is an accountant in a small restaurant. You
know, we are rather alike, both with our character and appearance. My
mother is the best friend for me, we have so many things in common and can
always share everything with each other.
My father is a bit strict man, but he is always fair and wise. He is working
on a mine. The work is rather difficult but not well-paid. Have you ever
heard about the mines? You know, Donetsk region is a capital of industry
in Ukraine and there are a number of different plants, factories and mines
where the majority of our grandfathers and fathers work. My city is quite
polluted and dirty because of it, but nevertheless in spring and summer it
looks so nice, like a small piece of Heaven, when everything shines so
brightly and nature just captivates your eyes with indescribable beauty.

Well, I think I will have a chance to tell you more about my family
in next letters, if it will be interesting for you, of course :)

And what about your relatives? Are you in good relations with them?
It will be interesting for me to know about you family, friends. Just
to understand the way you live and spend your days.

Well, let's go on...
As I have told you I was leaving in Artemovsk only for 19 years, I studied
in a simple school and like a lot of children I had many friends whom I
spent the best years of my childhood in this city. You know, I was always
very active and energetic girl, since childhood I have been fond of sport,
I do love swimming and sometimes playing table tennis (or ping-pong as
Americans call). You won't believe, but from time to time I even liked watching
football at home with my father, he is a great football fan and he accustomed
me a bit to this :) Nobody believes in it! Girl and FOOTBALL? :)
Well, sometimes, I don't mind to have a look at the crazy football match.

And you? Do you like sport? What kind of?

After finishing school I decided to enter the University. I wanted to get
a high education, but my parents were too poor to afford paying for my
study. I had to do something. So, I tried to enter the Economical department
in one of Donetsk Universities. I passed a lot of exams and did my best,
but unfortunately I couldn't enter for the free education... I was very
disappointed and lost in the middle. But, gaining force I finally decided
to catch this chance and start studying in any case. I know that life is
like riding a bicycle- you won't fall off unless you stop peddling.
So, the most important is not to give up and believe in yourself. So I
did it.

Since I have entered the University my life has totally change, I became
more responsible an independent. To leave my family, friends and native
town was rather difficult for me, but I could do it.
So, now I am living and studying in Donetsk, I am renting a flat with
my friend. I am already at the 4th course and my study is going well,
though sometimes it's a bit difficult. I managed to find a job and my
parents are proud of me because of it.
Now I am doing baby sitting and take care of small children when their
parents are not at home. Of course, it is just a temporary job and it
helps me to pay for my study and live somehow, but nevertheless I like it
very much. I do love children, we always understand each other very well
and have so many things in common. You know, I am rather young, but looking
at these little and cute boys and girls I feel I can be a good mother
in future :)

So, as you can see my life is a bit crazy...
I have a lot of friends at the University but I decided to try myself
in communicating through the Internet. I've heard a lot of stories how
with the help of it people became good friends and sometimes even
more... I don't know whether it could be, because this is the first
time for me to get acquainted in this way, but I know one thing- I
liked your profile a lot and want us to continue lettering and getting
closer look at each other. Don't you mind?

Hope I did not bore you with this letter, just wanted to tell you
as much as possible about myself ;)

Hope to hear a story about your life, hobbies, interests, and
everything you want to share with me :)
I want our relations be built on honesty, so you can ask any questions
you like and I promise to answer them sincerely.

Wish you a good sunny day and great mood! :)

I'll be looking forward to receive your answer.

Faithfully yours,


Elle m&#039;a contacté aussi,

Elle m'a contacté aussi, selon le même schéma. Je me suis même fendu d'une réponse à l'"agence de traduction", du genre "vous me prenez vraiment pour une brêle ???". je suppose que "Marina" (voir plus haut) utilise le même truc.

eric lusignan

I was taken for a ride too.

I was taken for a ride too. Maria seems to be a model and the agency itselfe responds to once letters and makes you feel like you would be the first and only love. This until the agency starts asking for money to further translate Marias letters.

Ernest Luethi

I was taken for a ride too.

I was taken for a ride too. Maria seems to be a model and the agency itselfe responds to once letters and makes you feel like you would be the first and only love. This until the agency starts asking for money to further translate Marias letters.

Ernest Luethi