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Hello my dear.
never dare to break your heart! How can you think about me? How could you write
me such words, if you have this opinion about me? I just can not imagine how it
does not fit in my head. You think I'm kidding with you? Today If I had money, I
would not ask you for help. I went to the bank. I wanted to take credit, but
when I said the bank manager for what purpose. She told me that my credit will
not be released from the country. Do you love me? Or are you telling me what I
wanted to hear. I'm not asking you for money for themselves. I ask for the money
that we could be together. Although it seems to me that you do not want to. I
can not imagine how can you think of me such things. Do you think me a swindler?
I just can not understand it does not fit in my head. Do you think me a liar? I
just can not understand. How, after all our letters can you think so? I do not
want to believe it. Please tell me that it is not. Is what I wrote to you, does
not mean anything to you. I think so because if my letters, that means something
to you. You would have realized that I do not want to deceive you. You would
have realized that I need you, not your money! I am just in despair. I'm crying,
I can not calm down. You ask not to break your heart, but at the same time
ruining my heart. I have no money to be together with you, and you do not want
to help me. You think about how you would be bad if I did not come. Forgetting,
as by this I be suffer.
I hope you can help me.

I'm glad you told me,
I'm a little embarrassed, because this is my first encounter with a man from
another country. We are so far apart, yet we can communicate at a distance. When
I saw your profile on a dating site, I decided to know you better because you
seemed to me a very interesting man. Therefore I start writing you
with smile
on my face and with excellent mood! If you don't remember
my name is
Alexandra. I am 25 years old. I want to
understand if you understand me and
my thoughts. In this case I want
to tell you about myself. So you will know
me better very soon. If you
don’t want serious relationship please write me
about it because I
search for serious man here, who’s ready to create a
family. I want to
find my soulmate, I want to find a man, who will understand
me and
share with me all feelings and thoughts. As for me I was born
Samara, Russia. My parents and I lived in Samara for 20 years.
father had a job in the government of Samara. As I understood it is
dangerous job in Russia. So my daddy was killed 5 years ago. I
know who did it, and police doesn’t know either. Bad guys killed
father. It was a part of my life in this world. Now I live the
part of my life. Yes, I was shocked when my father was killed, but
think that we must continue living. I really understand that all
in this world come here and go away. This is a real life.
Therefore I don’t
want to remember up the story about my dad again.
After his death my mom and
I moved to another country, this was done so that people who killed my father
did not reach us with mom. Now I live with
mom in Omsk, Russia. I have a job
here. When I lived in
Samara i finished University for the Humanities. This
moment I am working in an orphanage, a teacher educator. The responsibilities of
my job is caring for children who are without parents. These children are from
middle-class children as children, some of them when I never saw his parents on
some parents simply refused to imprint on a child's life. I like my job, I think
I do a good job. I can say, replace a mother to these poor children. All
children from the orphanage love and respect me. I guess they feel my good
attitude towards them. Also I like healthy life. And 3 days in a week I go
swimming indoor pool and fitness studio. Do you like sport? And
kind of sports are you prefer? I want to tell a little about my mom:
love her! My mother survived the loss of a loved one, my father and I saw
how she was painful and difficult moments in life, but she coped with it. She’s
really ready to support me in different moments! 
I have not brothers or
sisters. All my life I’ve wanted a brother or
sister! I like children! Now I
think about my own children and family.
What is the most important thing in
the family relations for you? I
think children are the greatest creations! I
understood it because I
saw how much my mother love me. Now you know me a
little bit better.
I’ll wait for your answer with a big interest to know you

oohh, le meme message que

oohh, le meme message que masha ivanova lol, y'a que le prenom qui change et la ville ou elle a demenagé, il doit y en avoir plusieurs sur russiancupid des comme ça, attention


la méme chose pour moi elle 

la méme chose pour moi elle  m'a déja demander de l'aide j'attend le prochain message


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