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Hello my dear Andrew!
'm glad to see your list. Andrew my dear grandfather is pleased that we have to know. I told him to speak much about himself. told me that really changed. Andrew's true. I was very happy, because in my life you're not. and now he wants only one thing - more likely to be with you. really wants to come to you as soon as possible as quickly as possible.
I hope that I will soon be with you. I liked very wants. now most important for me is you. for me now is the biggest joy will come to you.
I have this morning, went to the travel agency to find out, which you must go through Andrew.
travel agency told me that you first have to do a visa. I got the approximate cost of a visa.
lady in the office told me that the visa via travel agencies include:
advice, assistance in preparing documents, preparing for an interview, skidding documents to the embassy. these services cost 315.54 euros. I get a tourist visa - delivery time 5-7 business days. visa will be for a period of 90 days. visa
costs - 50 euros, a passport - 70 euros, the insurance - 80 euros, a
medical examination - 60 euros, the work in the office of travel - 55.14
euros. all together it comes out 315.54 euros.
agency also asked for a ticket. I have a question of what the city is best to fly to you. You told me that the cheapest solution is the trip from Moscow.
Andrzej after I learned the price of visas and registration of all
documents, it seems to me that my trip is not realistic, because do not
have such money.
I thought that everything is expensive, but it would be so expensive! I was very upset. and now has to send you this letter and will wait for a reply.
for me it's a lot of money. you do not know how you say it. I'm very uncomfortable talking about it. if you can help me in getting a visa? You said they want to help, but I do not know - 315.54 euros is for you to accept?
Andrew I will wait for a reply.
sle kisses!
I hope that soon I will be able to come together.
Your Olga

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