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De : lightbreeze@ukrnetbox.com [mailto:lightbreeze@ukrnetbox.com]
Envoyé : mardi 14 juin 2011 03:39
À : Pierre BON
Objet : polina

Hello, Pierre. How are you doing?Hope well. Thanks for your photo you
are very nice man. And i want to know you and i am sure that you want the same so I want to tell you about me.
My name is Polina Zorina, was born in 1982, May 30. I am 168 sm, 58 kg.
Gemini by zodiac sign and I see that you had your birthday yesterday, i wish you all your dreams come true, to love and be loved and i hope that you had a great day yesterday))) And as for me I live in the city called Lugansk maybe you heard it is in the east part of Ukraine, the country where I live.
I work here as a shop assistant in perfume shop and I rent a flat with a friend of mine here also.

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