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This girl is on the Swedish site first date here is her letter this letter is in Swedish and the translation is bad it seems to me this is something new the try to wright in your lauguvits then if your intressted they wright in English...

I am very glad you wrote me your message :-) I'm very happy that you are interested in me. Frankly, this is my first experience on the Internet.

Before, I will never do it. And now I'm not very worried. I will tell you not said much about myself.

My real name Elena me for 30 years, is my birthday on June 7. I'm brunette. My real hair color is dark. My growth 170 cm and my weight is 60 kg.

work in the present time the Guardian that produce various types of
iron doors, safes, bars, windows and everything else for the things of
your home, office or anything else :-) In the company I work for a long
time, I worked as a manager who takes orders from the processes customers and communicate all orders directly to the factory :-) I love my job.

I did not know then was married and I have no children. And that's why I think it's time to end to find a good decent man. And to build a serious relationship.

I do not like nightclubs and bars. I'm
too old for such fun, and I do not like these girls who go for
entertainment in nightclubs, bars, and even more so if you consume much
alcohol. Or do not smoke sigarety.Ya smoke or drink much, I drink a glass of wine or champagne on special days, or on vacation. I love a healthy lifestyle, nature walks in the fresh air. I like to go on a picnic. I like to ski and skate :-) It's very funny. Do you skate?

I think I am a romantic girl :-) Now I am alone because my previous relationships have been carried out about three years ago. And now I'm looking for a man whom I could build a serious relationship, and even more to have a family and children!

I became interested in you because you're a serious man, and self-confident .. And I like your profile :-) And I hope that our meeting went well and we could learn more about each other.

And who knows where it goes :-)

At this point correspondence is needed to ensure that learning about each other. And to see that this can happen. But perhaps so that when we get a couple :-)

My intentions are quite serious. And I did not come in online gambling, fraud or waste of time. And that something like that. I'm serious about you, and I hope you seriously otneseshsya me!

I will send my picture as well, and I hope I will like you :-) And in return I would like to see your picture if you can!

Tell us more about yourself, your likes and dislikes it. Tell us about your family. And if his work. And ask me any questions that you are interested, I will answer with great joy.

I hope that I am interested in you, and you write me a letter in reply and tell you more. I'm waiting Bye bye Elena!


impossibile credere che una

impossibile credere che una strafiga del genere abbia problemi a trovare uno straccio di uomo che se la sposi, sodi invece sicuramente si, dato che voglia di lavorare praticamente = 0, altro che maneger!

una delle tante belle ford escort usate e sotto i 1000 euro!

giovanni balducci

wow you look like megan fox

wow you look like megan fox in that pic...

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i would marry her if she as

i would marry her if she as nice a person as she looks ...great company has to be after great looks...looks only last for a little while as the compassion and love between two people can last forever..

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