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Hello,my dear !
There are so many things to do today! I have to be
beautiful tomorrow! ;)) choose clothes something to put on, and go to bed (if
possible) to have a long 'beauty' sleep at night ;) I am still suntanned, I
always am in summer - hope you will like it....
Don't like to leave boys with
my mother for a long time - they normally drive her crazy... but 3 days is ok.
Hope they will not make our little apartment upside down... it is only me who
can cope with them two...
Tomorrow I am supposed to work but I made a deal
with our administrator that I sneak away and they back me up. Am I a smart girl?
;)) Thirsday will be my day-off and Friday I'll pretend to got ill. It will be
easier to do as my boss is going to the seaside ;)
I asked drivers how much
it will be to go to Borispol and Kiev up to apartment. I was told that the price
is 150 euro, it covers picking me up from home, 260 km from Kremenchug to
Borispol, 40 km -from Borispol to Kiev, and driving in the city itself. Let me
know as soon as possible if I reserve it for tomorrow morning or not ... The
apartment address is Zhilyanskaya street, 41 - for you not worry again!
you have our both phone numbers and tomorrow we will meet at flower booth,
at last! )) Very symbolic place, right? ;)
Kiss you, your Natasha 

At least two women are

At least two women are involved in this swindle. They send you emails duting months - for me it lasted during 6 months and try to convince you to visit her in Kiev. When I landed in Kiev I met one translator at the airport - the girl I was supposed too meet didn't speak any english. Then the translator makes you pay a daily fee. I just paid one day (70 €) and then I stopped any contact with this dishonest woman. Of course the woman never came to meet me. Maybe that this translator had other plans to get my money. I just decided to fire her very quickly as she told me fairy tales about a car crash of this Natasha. The worse is that I felt something wrong from the beginning and that I told her this !  

John Fante