Modèle d'arnaque

Tombe rapidement amoureuse et demande de l'argent pour la traduction, sois disant qu'elle ne sais pas parler anglais, vous lui ecrivez en Russe et elle dis ne rien comprendre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello dear Patrick!!
Honey, this letter will be short as I have no money to write to you,
I have told you about it in my previous letter.
Patrick, I am sorry for being absent minded and missing your questions.

My love, I am really sorry but I have to stop my letter here
and I won't be able to write a second letter to you as money for
letters have finished. Baby can you help with correspondence?

I am waiting, yours Sveta.

Good day my dearest Patrick,
Patrick, I am not going to play with you, I don't have time for it too...
you are not the only one who is so busy and serious))

Thank you so much for paying attention to my first letter and
answering back.
So, what to start with? I am a little bit nerves, as I have never
done this before+ I mean that it is my first experience in the
Internet world, if it is possible to say.
I think that I might ask how you are and how is your mood+ but it
will seem boring to you+ Am, I right? No+ ))) Then, how are you?
I hope you will forgive me this first unconfident letter+ but, I just
really don't know what I have to write.
I think I better introduce myself. As I told earlier, my name is
Svetlana, I am from Ukraine, from Kirovograd. The regional center of Ukraine - the
city Kirovograd (the historical name is Elisavetgrad) is situated in the centre of
the country on the banks of the Ingul-river. The official date of city founding is 1754.
If to return back to my figure, I want to add, that I am 36 year old
woman who has a daughter, who name is Kate and she is 9. I love my
daughter much and now, she is the sense of my life.
As for my parents, unfortunately, dad has already passed away and I
have the mother, who name is Valentina. She is a pensioner and I try
to take care of her and help her as much as I can. My mother is the
best friend for me. I love her dearly. My parents were and are the
example of perfect happy family+ It is so pity that dad hasn't lived
till Kate is such a beauty and he can't see her+
Ok, as for my job. I work for one small company which specializes on
building materials. I am the marketing manager, my main duty to
control all trades and not to miss anything. I work with computer,
clients, orders and papers. I love what I do, though it is difficult
now, as all orders were cut by half because of the world crisis.
What else to tell+
Patrick, as about my personal life. I am a single woman. My husband left me when
Kate was 1 year old baby. He has found a younger one and just gone+
left me with a baby on my hands and never appeared. He doesn't support
us+ and doesn't communicate with his daughter. Such a story+
I am here, because I really fed up of being lonely and my heart is
suffering because of love absence. I want to love and I can do it+ I
want to find a man who is ready for serious relationship and doesn't
want to play games or write love letters without future of them. I
want to have a full family and maybe, to give a birth to a second
child+ I want to be a happy woman+ that is all I need.
And what is your aim here? Why are you here? What and whom are you
looking for?
You know, sometimes I am writing poems and this poem I will give to
my man, who is destined to me+

You are the One+

You are the one I choose
To be with me for eternity
To caress and whisper
" How are you my darling so sweet?"

You are the one I need
To tell me
How much I mean to you
How much you love me so..
Making my day so brilliant
As the  sun shining so bright in the sky+.

You are the one I want
To embrace me so tight
Whispering " I love you"
As I lay on bed  every night+

You are the one  I dream of
To be at my side always
Knowing you are there
To console me
When I am feeling sad and blue

You are the one I love
My heart, my soul, my inspiration
You mean so much to me
Even we are far from one another+

You are the one+
Just you+.
Nobody else
But you+..

Who knows, maybe this man is you.

My dear Patrick, thank you very much for your attention, and I hope to hear from you
From your photo I can judge that you are a very handsome man,
and you are so brave on this photo!!! It is seen at once that
you are a real man and you like a fortress… your shoulders are
the strongest one!! You are amazing my darling!!

With the best and warmest wishes, Svetlana.

Yes this one is a scammer,

Yes this one is a scammer, had the same, no money sent,   and sad to use a child.