Modèle d'arnaque

Tres patiente, elle aussi !!!!Langue tirée Toute les photos sont prise dans la ville de Yoshar Ola !!!!!!!! Aujourd'hui elle à changé de nom et de ville !!!!!!!!!!!!! Elle se fait appaeler Marina de Moscou !!!!!!!!

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello Patrickl! Is very glad to see your
letter. I each time am pleased when I see your letter! I receive good
mood on all the day when I read your letter!!!!!!! How at you has
passed day??????????? How your day? I wish to learn you more and I
would want that you too knew about me more. I think that the more
people know each other that the more at them chance to construct the
future! You agree???????? I wrote to you that I very much like to
prepare!!!!!!!!!! Many spoke me, that I have huge abilities of work
above kitchen. Basically, I very much like to prepare for a dish from
meat and it at me It turns out always well. As I like to prepare for
various pies. I put all heat and all energy in these dishes. Possibly
therefore it turns out always well. Very often I prepare for the
friends and certainly for favourite parents. When at me bad mood I
very often happen on kitchen and I can prepare for something tasty.
Though I I to eat it is rare. Simply to like me process of preparation
of meal. Even when to me I am sad often I sit on kitchen. I do to
myself green tea and I look out of the window. At this time I often
dream. And you like to dream?????????? I think that if the person very
strongly will want something that at it all to turn out. I as think
that if the person will want the dream to carry out in reality that it
will necessarily come true!!!!!! You agree with me?????????????? In
childhood I it has been borrowed in gymnastics, I liked To play
volleyball, basketball. I till now very much love sports! I always to
support myself in the good form! I on a regular basis am engaged in
aerobics and I adhere to a healthy way of life. You know for me very
difficultly To wake up early in the morning and to go for work. But in
one hour I feel well. You know when at me in the morning good mood
that put at me necessarily to turn out successful!!!! And how you like
to spend your day?? I do not ask you about your work! And that you
like to do in current of day except for your work! I would like it the
nobility! I hope, that I not to you became boring and that you will be
to me and further to write! I think that you very interesting and kind

I shall wait for your letter!!!!!!!!!!!