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Je l'ai rencontré sur   Puis après échange des Messenger, nous avons beaucoup échangé de mails

Au travers d'une agence qui lui a fait passeport, Visa, Assurance médicale, billets d'avion.

Aujourd'hui elle me demande de versé 972 € pour ces papiers et 1500 € pour pouvoir sortir du pays. Car apparement une russe pour sortir de russie doit avoir cette somme sur un compte.

Elle n'a pas de compte banquaire, mais l'agence lui propose de lui en ouvrir un !!!

Cela fais des mois que je lui demande une photo d'elle avec un papier dans les mains sur lequel serait écris "Eric I love You". Je ne l'ai pas reçu!!

J'ai son Yahoo, je discute avec. Elle m'a appelé plusieurs fois (même sur mon portable de russie !). Je n'ai pu l'appeler qu'une seule fois sur un portable qu'elle m'a laissé, qui ne lui appartient pas, mais à une soi disant copine.

Aujourd'hui je ne sais plus quoi penser. Je ne verserais l'argent que si c'est sûr...

I wish to tell that I know

I wish to tell that I know this girl. And she never would ask money. I know her the girlfriend. her the girlfriend now lives with me in England. Also I shall tell to you fairly, this girl, very kind. And I tried to make so that she has gone with me to me to England. But she has told, that wishes to find the love. 

And I do not trust that this girl is scamers. Because I saw her in a reality, in the city of Tyumen. In years cafe. With its girlfriend. 

So, I assure you, that this girl present. 

Brown Jekson

Hello Jekson, I asked her to

Hello Jekson,


I asked her to send me photo of her carring a leaf of paper written "Eric I love You" because that is what she always tell me, and she send me Fake !!!

So why ? i asked her a phone number and she never give it to me ! I'm sorry but i found in other website Anti-scammer her name, and the same date, she has a dating history inquiry... Please explain. Everything is very rare ? Where are you living in England ? I'm in Paris, maybe we should meet to discuss about it. I really want to beleive her...



If I correctly understand,

If I correctly understand, you name Mr. Eric. 

I cannot tell anything, about a photo with your name. I do not know anything about it. I know only that Yana, lives in Tyumen. And Her лушчая the girlfriend, my girl. Which lives with me. And we are very happy. 

As to other sites where you probably saw mail Yana. It in full is possible. Because except for you Mr. Eric, Yana likely communicated and with other men. Because each girl on the Internet, searches for the love. And they choose. Here therefore you has found, mail Yana on the Internet. 

I cannot tell anything about a phone number. Because I not Yana. With this question you need to address in yana. And to learn all. 

I can tell only, with confidence in 100 %, that Yana (we named her yanka), the present girl. Which I personally saw. At which I personally was on a visit, together with the girl. 

So Mr. Eric, I also suspected the girl (yana the girlfriend), that she not present. But when she has arrived to me, I cried. Because I also have strongly offended the girl, the suspicions.

To solve only to you Mr. Eric. I know this girl. 


Brown Jekson

 Hello Jekson,Please can you

 Hello Jekson,

Please can you tell me how much do you pay to make she comes to visit you ? Is it truth that a Russian girl must have 1500 € on an account to leave the counrty ??

I do not beleive, i have checked and searched on the internet this law, but there is no law telling you that the russian girl must have this money on an account.

You say that she would never ask money, but she did it...she ask 972 € to put on a western Union of a travel agency (a fake one) to buy visa, flying tickets, medical insurance and passport....Then Yana asked me those 1500 € to come to Paris, i'm sorry but i hope you have the opportunity visiting this website we are writing  now and you will see that all the girls on the black list have the same story, and the same way to get money. So until i have not the security it is really her, i will not send any money...And i will not for the moment take her out of all the website i have registered her as international scammer.

She can be real, i beleive she is real but she can also be a scammer.