Natalya Natalya

je ne connais pas son adresse, elle a 28 ans
Echantillons de ses messages

voici le dernier en date alors que je lui ai demandé son adresse auparavant....

Hello Dan!
Your letters always sincerely heat up me a heat.
I at all do not know from what to begin the letter.
My thoughts are mixed, also I cannot be silent about this storm of feelings.
Today I long could not fall asleep and still during long time thought of you.
You never leave my thoughts where I would not be.
In the morning when I have woken up, all my first thoughts on you,
What do you do during this moment, whether recollected me?
You have helped me not only to forget all last errors and refusals in a life,
But also and studying to love, believe again that it is still probable.
I again can check up this feeling of love anew.
Dan, you the unusual person.
Dan, you could make my life easy and bright,
Even the most grey and lifeless colours became bright and full of a life.
You have fused ice which has supported at the necessary level my heart after many frustration.
You the unique person whom I searched so long and at last has found.
Dan, you the one who is necessary for me in this life.
I cannot hide more than it and I am ready to rush off to this whirlpool with a head.
And even if you will answer, there is no at you a love,
I will know, that it I at least have tried and have ceased to be a grey mouse.
Tell to me the truth, you trust me?
At you the same feelings to me?
I will wait from you for the answer!
Yours Natalya!

C toujourd la même chose, un

C toujourd la même chose, un anglais mal soigné avec des fautes de grammaires... on ne répond pas aux questions que je lui pose...

quelques photos de plus !