Waleriya Shipiguzouva

Street: Mashkova 12, 45

City: Moscow

Сountry: Russia

Code: 105066

Echantillons de ses messages

How are you?
I am perfect, but I have a lot of jobs, therefore I could not answer to
you earlier, but usually I try find free time to look, that continues my email.
It's perfect, you have found, that free time has answered.
Large, that you are open for our communication. Well... My names Poly.
Me 28 years.
I live in Fargo (North Dokota), US. I work in educational area.
I work at the children's centre Fargo.
If it will be interesting to you to learn more about my job.
That I'll write you about my work in my following letters. OK
What about you? What area by yours job? What your hobbies?
Also I want inform you that I'm in USA almost 1 year. If that is
exacter 11 months.
In USA I have arrived under the exchange program of education.
I work with children. In USA I have arrived from Europe.
I worked 5 years in England. City of London. In educational area also.
Me very much like my job. I like children.
I wait for answer.

Hello my dear Herve!

I am so happy that I have your answer to every my letter! I

think of you every day, all nights, every moment!!! I can't live

without your letter, I need your letters every day! Maybe it's too

early to talk about it but I am already talking! I really need her

letters every day! With every

letter we know more and more about each other. And I like you more and

more! Now you are the important part of my lonely life! I have dream

as well as all women. I want to have loving husband that he understood

and loved me.  I think, that at all women of dream


I am so proud of myself that I have so wonderful man! It is YOU!!!

Yesterday at job the boy has drawn for me a picture. It was so superb. 

When he to me to give this picture to me it began a pity.

Name of child Mike. it is child to me like, he clever, cheerful.

At me on eyes tears have appeared. In his picture were drawn house and woman with man.

Here to not suffice each child parental caress and attention.

Dream of each child to have the parents and house. If I could

To take these all children home and to bring up them, it would be very good.

It would be pleasant for children, but it is not real.

It is necessary to adult people to think of it. Some families take children to themselves home on education.

Not all children to get into families, it certainly is a pity, but anything with it to not make.

I have to go home today early. I miss you very much so, please, write

me as soon as possible. Always yours and only yours Kisses,



P.S. Thanks you for compliments!

To me it is very pleasant! :)

Poly adore la

Poly adore la correspondance...


Lola - Waleriya

Lola - Waleriya Shipikguzova

Correspondance from the USA, works with children. Goes home to Moscow, then asks for money to come back to the USA to be with you.

Charles Griffin

hey do you always look that

hey do you always look that is good.,?Sourire