Diana Lanina

Krasnodon, Shakthera str 10/15
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Prime lettere con voglia di conoscere e poi sempre più intense, dopo qualche mail dice di usare compagnia di traduzione per poter comunicare ma ha finito i soldi, naturalmente nell'ultima mail inserisce foto in top less per aumentare il tuo interesse. Per un periodo sono stato al gioco e mi sono fatto mandare foto sempre più spinte, ma un bel gioco dura poco e ora ho detto basta visto che lei diventava sempre più insistente con volere sempre soldi per passaporto e quant'altro.

Echantillons de ses messages

Massimo , hello!

And  at  first I want to ask you forgive me for so long time
of  silent!!!  Hope  you  didn't  think  that  I  forgot you
because...  because  it  is impossible!!! ;))) Just... I had
some problems with Internet but everything is ok now and ;))
I am writing to you!..

Also,  I am sincerely hope that you didn't forget me because
I  am  so  interesting in you! After I read your profile - I
had  a  feeling  that I was read my one ;)) I... I feel that
you are serious man and... we can to try ;)))
If  you  still  alone and... you are really interesting in a
serious... strong relationship - sure you'll wish to know me
better  and  you'll answer! ;))) And I... I'll wait for your
an answer!!!

You  know...  today  I  went to a company and I saw a loving
couple  ;))  The  did  nothing  special  -  they just walked
holding  hands  and  talking  about  something ;))) But... I
looked  at them and crying... I don't know: WHY? Probably...
because  in  those  moment  I  wished  be with you more then
everything!!!  I  wished just touch your hand... ;)) hug you
strongly-strongly  for  be  able  to  feel  as  beating your
heart...  just  for be able kiss your sweet lips and whisper
in  your ear: "Simon, ....!!! My heart belong to you!!!" ;))
How do you think: How soon it will be possible??? ;))

Also, with my letter today i should to tell you that... When
I  started  use  translation service for correspondence with
you  -  I  put  a great amount on our account and I was sure
that  it  will  be  enough  for  long  time but... Today the
manager  of  company  said  to  me that our account is empty
and... I can't replenish it myself...

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foto rubate

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