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cette mafia utilise les photos de Leticia Ann Cline et a envoyé ce dernier courrier via une soit-disant agence de traduction !!!!!

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Thesarius Translation Company
Lug. region, Ukraine

Mr. xxx,

Sorry  for  disturbing you, sir. We are Thesarius translation company,
let us introduce ourselves. We offer professional language translation
services   with   expert  translators.  Every  project  has  different
requirements,  so  we  offer  different  service  levels  to match our
client's needs. We have a wide base of clients and your Lady Alyona is
one  of them. Unfortunately, she cannot afford paying for our services
anymore  because  of the financial difficulties. If you are interested
in  the  following  correspondence with Lady Alyona we will be glad to
inform  you  about  our  price  list and conditions. Our linguists are
selected  according  to their specialist skills, that is why we have a
broader  pool of translators to choose. Thesarius Translation delivers
confidence  in  any  language.  You can access our quality translation
service  from  anywhere in the world, simply by contacting the account
executive.  If  you’re looking for a reliable translation company with
lower prices we will be glad to have you as our client.

Best regards,
Accountant executive 
Olga Voronova

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