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tombe amoureuse et réclame de l'argent après 2 semaines de mail, comme d'habitude

a déjà sévi sous un autre nom et mail vera et 

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Hello my love x, I'm happy to read your letter, you said happiness to my heart and soul. How have you been?

I'm fine, beautiful weather today, the sun is shining outside, very warm, but do not miss you next,

every time I think only of you, you know how much I love you and want to be with you, I hope that soon the way it is.

I think about our meeting when it happens we'll be together with you, can I hug you, hold your hand, we could

walk together, I will wake up and see you next to me, I so want to see your city that you showed me everything

see how you live, I am very interested to know everything in real life. I want to dream of you and be with steel

reality, I think that you also want this much, I love you and it's not just words, I tell you what my heart says,

I'm telling you, I opened my heart to you and it belongs to you my love. Yesterday I told you that I would go to a travel agency,

Today I went there and found out at the expense of the trip for you, for a start, I was told that we will have to make documents, passports, visas,

All it will take time, I can make a visa for 3 months, I think that during this time, we are well able to know each other, I want it very much.

I was told how much will it all worth 370 euros, I certainly do not have that kind of money right now, I live in the village, I just do not happen

that kind of money, I'm not comfortable, of course ask for your help, it's your business, unless of course you can help, I will be very

thank you, I can start doing paperwork and it will be our first step toward our meeting with you. I love you very much and I will

waiting for your early reply. your love with Valentina.

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