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Hello Herve! Herve, i have received your letter, and I'm happy. I want

to learn more about you. But I do not know where to start. I hope you

like me, too. I'm not very good at writing in English. But I hope that

you understand me. I also want to tell more about yourself. My name is

Anastasia. I am now 27 years old. I was born on July 8, 1988. I live

with mother in one apartment. I have never been married and have no

children. The city where I live, called Yalta (Crimea). I work in a

beauty salon "My Lady." I work as a stylist. I perfectly understand

all the intricacies of hair, clothes, makeup and other details,

forming the image of man. I like my job because I come up with

different hairstyles and more. I love it when our clients go away from

our beautiful cabin. Herve, what would you like to know about me???

ask me and I will answer you. I hope that you will send your photos as

well. I would like to get more of them. I am sending you my photo. I

hope you like it. Tell me, Herve. What do you like women? What

character? What should she be able to? I would really wanted to know.

I hope that once again I received your letter and your photo. I will

be very glad. Herve, you will not forget to write me the letter? I

hope not. I'm really looking forward to..... Your new girlfriend


Ne pas en tenr compte , tout

Ne pas en tenr compte , tout est faux....

herve zerdab

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