Prénom/First name
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

She send you an admirer letter which is very good, then she start chatting and is only online at night time (Ukraine time). All letter send during that time are immediatly transalted and received letters the same. 

www.charmdate.com, does not want to give her contact details although they say after 10 letters received and sent you can get it. When requesting, they sendyou to another web page and says you must be active 90 days on that site before one can get the contact details. I believe she work as translator in Kiev for charmdate.com and her aklias is LESYA, and in that way she gets mnore commisiion by operating this way. Charmdate is is out and out a scam site as well as some of the women there

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Greetings Corne 

I hope - as you already understood I had recently on this site. And especially now .......... I feel the excitement!

- Why? Because ! ;)
Well, probably in the first place because it really - you are the first adequate experience.
Well, I think you understand me .....?

- When I say adequate - I mean, I'm here that nearly two months, and I really was not the most pleasant experience with men here.
mmmmmmmmm ........ Well, if the person can be called men - they were people without a photo, and one of them was 18 years old, ouch! :)
I'm not going to pass you the context of communication, just describe in one word - dirty!

- To be honest, at some point - I was scared!
No, no - it's true. I swear to you, I felt the fear of persecution before coming here - my mother warned me. - There may be maniacs and perverts. But this is my choice - I decided to find fresh relations abroad, and I think it is a very interesting and unusual option! :)
And what do you think ? You, too, have come to this site because you decided to find something unusual - I would say even extravagant?
I'm right ?
Okay - but why I was seriously scared? Because in my life I have had a similar case.
(If you want, I can tell you about if it's interesting for you to read more?)

Now, if we talk about the experience on this site - as you can see nothing serious!
* Of course except - you :)

Well, what can you tell me about your experience in communication - to be more precise, I am interested in your impressions and of course your plans!
Yes, plans :)
My plans - it is certainly a serious chat - why? because I see sense only real meeting. Otherwise, I see no reason to be here. I think it would be a waste of time.
What do you think ?
I will be very glad to know your real plans. Virtual communication is of course very popular.
But not for me - I try to be a living and not digital: D
*** Mmmmmm - I think that if you've seen some of my photos - they can prove it ............ Well, I try to stretch my soft spot more often than other girls: 3

I guess I need to stop - this letter is transformed into a poem - ahaha.
Of course, if you are seriously looking at communicating with me - I am a great pleasure to answer your questions. And to tell you more about me.

Let's be realistic, but we should not forget about the simple things.
I realize that talking can be infinite - but the reality will not change :)
We need to act.

Speaking briefly about my life - I have everything. but I do not have the most important thing. - I do not have simple human happiness. I am deprived of the heat of a loved one close.
I rather literally - in control of my life, but in my heart I want my partner to drive me.
I want to be weak in your hands.
I want to feel the affection and care.
You understand :) ?
It's simple - I'm not going to complicate the reality
I'm just saying what I feel

I came here to look for a partner - my man, my rock ahaha :))
I just want you to be yourself.

I'm waiting for your response.


P.S. I am pleased to share the facts of my life and my desires with the man who is really interested in me. If I am worthy of your attention - whatever your question is a little gift for me.

actuellement sous le prenon

actuellement sous le prenon de olya elle recrute sur privet vip  pour se faire rejoindre sur un site fermer , ou les traductions coute un bras a la longue mais ce n est pas  vraiment une arnaqueuse. a vous de voir 

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This girl frequents all

This girl frequents all dating sites and marriage agencies (in europe and usa) her true no is Alesya her life in Kiev is married to a photographer for 5 years., they live very well, owns 3 companies in sports, and fashion 'photos, makeup)

she is patient, and never asks for help directly but encourages you to help financially by talking to you about the health problems of her parents. it's a real scammer to avoid absolutely

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