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Kind night, tam58. 

I really enjoyed your answer. 
Every day we shall learn more about each other and it's an interesting. ;-)
I share your thoughts and I hope that I have qualities you are searching for in a woman. 
I believe that friendship-(love, marriage) and especially family are very important. 

tam58, I will repeat, I can start to plan travel, to you?!
If you not against., Then your information is required to me. The nearest airport to your city ? 
If everything will be according to plan I`ll arrive to you approximately in 13-15 days. 
Where that in end of october. As soon as I`ll arrive I`ll work a dentist.
I`ll ask for a advance payment in a company where I`ll work (300-700 euro) for renting a flat.
And do you know how much is to rent a room in your city? And regarding the address of my future work: 
I talked with my agent and he forbade me to give any information about my work.
This is a condition of the contract. I must follow all the rules. 
I don`t want to have aany problems and I know you understand this.
And I think I`ll not have any problems with my work and place I`ll live in. I informed the agent that I`ll fly. 
I think that it would be wonderful if we`ll spend some time together. 
I will have some weeks of a free time, prior to the beginning of work.
It time, will be excellent for first acquaintance what do you think? 
It`ll make our relations stronger and will help us to learn better each other. 
Certainly all expenses are on my route. I`ll pay myself for everything.

You will be my first client! Have you prepared your teeth? I will check you. :))) Only don`t be afraid ;-))))
I have picture to send you I hope you like. Photo is made my assistant, at my work.
with this I finish this letter and will write the other letter to you later.
Ok....Today thursday. It is my day for occupations in fitness club. Therefore I will write to you later.Waiting for your reply.
Sweet kiss from me! ;-))

Yours Svetlana.

bonjourc'est la meme fille


c'est la meme fille qui m' a contacté

elle habite à

Michurinsk, Tambovskaya

street : Protochnaya 03-15

zip 393768


autre adresse mail :


Pay attention she is part of

Pay attention she is part of a team of scammers:she Olga Efimova born in Omsk on 19.10.1988 as dentist,her girlfriend Evgeniia Gachegova born 7.4.1988 here as get money Veronika Rozhkovskaya with count in Alfa Bank in Russia.She frauded an Australian man for 4500 USD asking him to borrow this ammount to get through the Custom and reach him.She never leaved and put entirely the ammount sent on her pocket and desappeared.

Giuseppe Santini

Attenzione ora si chiama

Attenzione ora si chiama Ekaterina,ed e una vera incantatrice e manipolatrice dei sentimenti. Voleva che le mandassi soldi per il viaggio e visto. per fortuna mi sono reso conto quanto vipera può essere una donna che scrive e manda foto con i  genitori. Una copia Falsa ho del suo passaporto. Non ho ancora capito come fa a falsificare e rimanere impunità una persona così Troia.


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