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Vite amoureuse et demande 420 € pour me rejoindre.

Echantillons de ses messages

My love!
Thank you for your letter.
Honey, I'm glad that you wrote to me.
Yes, it is good news that you are willing to help me with money for my tickets.
Darling, I give you more time for data transfer of money:
Name: Elena
Country Russia
My love, understand as soon as I will be in your hands, we'll be together forever, we will do what we want.
I'll do for you everything you want.
I'm not even that now you shoot your video and send it to you.
Honey, do not worry, we'll be together, and there is still, I can not wait for you in bed, I want to have sex with you, my dear, I want you.
I love you very much.
My love, good! I want to know - I totally belong to you! I wait for you and can not wait. My body yearns and longs in anticipation of love. Only with you, I was able to take off at the time of bliss in heaven, and winged with delight come down to earth.
My dear, dear. I miss you and only memories to help me overcome the painful days of separation from you. Only they send me your image, your smell, your voice. My heart breaks for you, and I sometimes think that I can on the wings of love to overcome all distances, just to be with you.

P.S. I love you ... I'm waiting for you ... I want you ...

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