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Te solicita intercambiar correspondencia con fines sentimentales,dice que su empleo es trabajadora social,que vive con sus padres y una hermana llamada ana, de repente un traductor llamado intertex te deice que ella ya no puede pagar por la correspondencia y te dice que debes llenar la cuenta $ 5 USD por carta y $ 2 USD por fotografia el envío es por moneygram a nombre de tatiana, manteniendo comunicación con ella te va a decir que está muy enamorada y que quiere irse a tú país, te va a pedir dinero para su pasaporte foráneo $ 200 USD te estará enviando fotos de Rhian Sugden diciendo que es ella, a la semana dte enviará alrededor de 4 cartas y más ó menos 8 fotos calcula el gasto podría ser de $ 300 USD al mes. tengan cuidado. yo estuve ahí.

Attention to this woman or

Attention to this woman or TANYSHA Mishina Tanya Ukraine (Melitopol) tatianatanyha@gmail.com
a first-class con artist.
which is only interested in money.
It makes you believe that she is interested in you, using words playing on feelings and attachment.
she sends you several pictures.
I think it's even organize a band is not only they are more on the website (Mingle2)
in reality it is a dangerous who has no qualms to manipulate you so that you send him money.
she will tell you she wants to join you but you have to pay the ticket of Avion (France Ukraine: 580 euro) (euro 250 and visa) then a passport (biometric 320 euro) to reach you.
Well all i sent the same amount it anymore, but it never came. more news, his phone stopped responding and I have more emails from her.
once she pocketed the money she cut contact you will not have any news from her wary about booking here and I have done. without her crazy feelings you have prove.
She just wants the money funds.
be careful it's very possible that either ca Operators of the site that manupulent men registered on the site.
photos is good but as women ask to see them on Skype is not all escuse to tell you that not Nont skype.
it is even possible that ca be men of the operators of the site Mingle2.


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