Onarmatova Aziza

Address: sovetskaya 40-33
City: Plesetsk
Zip code: 164260
Area: Arkhangelskaya Oblast
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J'ai une periode de vacances quit demarre le 3 Juin, et j'ai decide de passer quelques jours avec vous

Besoin d'argent pour Visa Schengen, passeport , assurance etc..

Apres ticket avion, ticket train et a lafin derniere demande argent pour montrer en douanne Russe



Echantillons de ses messages

Good morning Helder
Thanks for your letter.
Ukrainians come in Portugal
to live and work? woow. I didn't know about it.
Today I will write you the
big letter and a lot of information.
Yesterday I collected things. I will
have the big suitcase. You will help me to bear the suitcase? I hope, you very
strong? I tease you. The suitcase not heavy, he on castors. But there it is a
lot of clothes.
Helder, at me it is a lot of news to you. I already was in
the mayoralty to receive my visa. The embassy is ready to give to me the visa.
The mayoralty has received all necessary documents, from embassy.
But there
is one problem. The man who works in the mayoralty, has asked me, whether there
is at me entrance money.
I at first haven't understood him, but then he has
explained to me about this problem. I should have at myself the quantity of cash
when I will travel to other country.
I have asked him how many I should have
at myself of entrance money.
He has told to me that I should have 90 euro, on
every day checked up in Portugal.
My visa for 30 days.
30 days x 90 euro
= 2700 euro
If I won't have this sum the customs won't let out me from
Russia. It is usual formality. It is the new law mr. Putin. You know about the
sanction against Russia? The conflict to Ukraine, Crimea - bad reputation for
Russian government. Russian government to safeguard the tourists. I have no bank
account. I have no paid hotel. I mean should have at myself 2700 euro when I
will go to Portugal.
In the mayoralty I said that I go to mine Boyfriend, I
said to them that you will take care of me in Portugal. But they can't help. It
is the new, strict law.
We should do all how the law demands. I very long
was in the Mayoralty.
They have perfectly understood me, but they there is
not nothing can do with it. The law is the law.
They should observe rules and
I can't take off to you if at me won't be 2700 euro. The customs simply
won't let out me from Russia.
It is our last problem. But I am assured that
we can easily solve this problem. Our meeting is already almost solved, there is
only one more problem - entrance money. I have the good plan:
1. You will
send me this sum through MoneyGram. We already know that MoneyGram well works,
and it is very convenient. For me it is impossible to find this sum of Russia.
And I hope only for you.
2. I will receive your remittance in Plesetsk. I
will go to the mayoralty to legalise papers, which confirm presence of entrance
money. And they will give out me the visa. When I will be at the airport of
Moscow, I should prove to customs that I won't have problems in your country. I
will show them entrance money, and documents confirming it. The customs will be
assured that I not the illegal immigrant, and will allow to make to me air
3. I will arrive to you. At airport Porto I will give you this sum.
You won't lose because of it 1 euro. I shouldn't go to exchange. I will bring to
you this money in currency of your country.
Your money won't be spent, they
are necessary to me only to show to customs. You perfectly understand that it is
usual formality. But if we don't satisfy this condition, we can't meet. But I am
assured that we will easily solve this small formal problem.
Now I finish my
I will wait your answer, your news and your information. If I have
entrance money today tomorrow I will already have the visa. We shouldn't
hesitate with it. In 5 days we already should be together. I already have air
we are a champions!! You shouldn't forget about it.
I think,
today we can make it. Soon weelkend. I hope, we will solve all problems, prior
to the beginning weekend.
My love, in your house is the hair dryer for hair?
I should take the umbrella? I collect luggage. And I don't know, whether it is
necessary for me to take the umbrella and the hair dryer. It is important for
me. Don't forget to answer these questions in the following letter.
which goes to you.

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