Ada Halan Susan Gentry

Ada Halan
Susan Gentry
Ozurgeti Guria Region Georgia
Modèle d'arnaque

Dans une periode de moins d'un mois elle tombe amoureuse , prepare des documents de visa ,pasport et billets d'avion et tombe sur une manque de 450€ pour me venir visiter sur court terme .Aprés constatation qu'un envois d'argent ne se passera pas le communication s'arrète tout à coup. Les photo's sont pris du site MPL Studio's du model Lia

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello my lover Buffalodiehard!

OH! Dear, I'm in a bad mood. And I do not know how to start my letter.
I find it hard to concentrate. But I'll try to do it. Unfortunately,
I must tell you the bad news :( As you know, I had to get information
about tickets. My travel agent was looking for me the cheapest
tickets. And when she told me the price, it put me into shock! I did
not think that the tickets can be so expensive! Unfortunately, there
is no direct flight from Tbilisi to Brussels, necessary to do the one
stop. And the price of the cheapest tickets there and back is 650 USD.
It's a lot of money! I have only 200 USD. I never made trips to other
countries and I naively thought that my money would be enough. Now I
am desperate and I do not know what to do! Now it's not really for me
to find remaining money. My beloved, at first it seemed to me that our
meeting will take place very soon, but now it seems to me that we can
not see each other. Thought about it makes my heart is very painful
now! After visiting the travel agency I returned to my home and wept
there for a few hours, I was so hurt that we are unable to meet soon
and I'm really so long could not stop crying. I do not know what to
do and my only idea is to ask you about it. My sweet, what we do now?
What now is the future of our relations? We can implement our meeting?
These questions are now being tortured my mind and torment my heart!
I will wait your reply with huge impatience. And I very much hope that
your reply will give me hope that we will still be able to realize our
dreams! I miss you and I kiss you!

Your Nalan!

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