Marina Golmakova

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Nom/Last name
Street Kommunarov 36/25, Starobelsk
Luhansk 92700
Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

hello my honey thank
you for your reply to me, for your another
letter, thank you! yes, my honey i like this song a lot so much! thank
you for it! dear how are you? ho was your weekend? my honey i was in
village with my granny and my mother, honey yes, i would be happy if
you help me with 250€ for my passport, this is so important come to
you, be in safety place, you know that they can take me to army for
any case as i am nurse! my honey i have asked in bank, if you able use
westerunion system? i will send you my information to this!

Have been writing with this

Have been writing with this "lady" for about 2 months.

When i confronted "her" with this page "she" stopped to write...

Got about 20 pictures of her...





lucky you, I gess!She

lucky you, I gess!

She insulted me after I puted her here :)

Definitly a scan

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she is really dangerous girl.

she is really dangerous girl. be careful . she can do everything for money . and never come

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