Modèle d'arnaque

elle vous envois dessuite son adresse mail, a la premiére lettre, et au méme moment ça fiche déscriptif disparait du site de rencontre,

6 diférente filles mon fait le cou, j'ai compris l'arnaque rapidemen , et aprés elle vous demande de l'argent ,

je m'amuse un peut encore je leurs écrit en leurs faisans croire que l'argent va arrivé

attention à vous les mecs.

jai voyager 4 fois en Ukraine et dans c'est régions la , ils sont trés pauvre.

Echantillons de ses messages

hi ghislain! pleased to meet you, We have interest and it is a pleasure!
:) I am very happy to talk to you and I hope we will find a "common"
language. Argue that it distinguishes humans from animals but in my
opinion it is not so. Communication, a thorough understanding of the
nature and the soul of another person, love to the extent that it is
peculiar only to people and have our features. Communication takes
place without the help of animal speech, their main goal - to find
their own food and bring sexual partner for reproduction using tokens
or force, I say this as a specialist, I am a veterinarian. What
distinguishes man from animals using speech only possible to drag a
woman into bed to meet the needs of its minute? What distinguishes
women are tokens using their beauty and charm to get more money from
the rich but stupid man? Between animals and people like that there is
no difference! :) And so, not just speech and its capabilities, and
communication and mutual understanding is, that's what makes us
different. I dream to meet a man who will understand what I want from
life, my heart and soul, I will answer it the same. This is happiness!
The concept of "two halves" exists for a reason. I want to find
integrity, reconnect with someone whom I have not yet met. I am tired
of the emptiness of loneliness, I began to feel it still married to my
ex husband. He just picked up and separated himself from me, leaving a
deep wound .. This later if you want to know. And what about you? What
is missing in your life? Why did you went so far as to find a girl? I
think it is enough for the first letter, I wrote too much and made you
afraid of boring :) I hope soon to see your answer! Ksy

My darling Ghislain I really miss you every minute, and think only of you. until you're far away I miss you and only thoughts and dreams bayut me support only thoughts and dreams make us closer, but I do not lose hope that one day we will meet and be together. Of course we have many obstacles and difficulties, and the main is that now we have no means to prepare for travel, not the full amount, and because of this is sad (((because now is an excellent time for our meeting today I will have a rest and will be free to traveling. I used to always smile when I think of you and now I start to feel sad because I know I'll see you will not soon, for me it is very difficult having feelings for a person to wait a meeting and did not know when it will happen. The only thing that I want and aspire to anything it is to be happy and I will be so when I am in your arms, I met you, and I want to be with you forever I want to be yours, but I do not want to live the dream I want to have real feelings and real so my thoughts are only of our meeting. I I can get a visa on their own to do that I need to have international passport. to get it I need about 8 weeks. Only then can I apply for a visa. for me gently visa to go to the embassy of your country twice to apply for and obtain a visa. In general, to obtain these documents alone do I need more than 2 months is a long time by the time my vacation is over and my next vacation a year later (((((it's a long wait ...... .. but we can save our meeting we have for this opportunity. The travel agency can do everything quickly in less than 2 weeks. We can be together we have a chance. so let's use it so I will be with you. The agency told me the amount of 1,100 euro, as you know I have 200 euro but there are still about 900 euro so that we could use the agency and get all the documents and tickets for our meeting. I think we should not miss this great opportunity we have to do everything to be together. What we can only wait and think about you, you're always in my heart you're there forever. I'm glad to have met you and any who will not give you. KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
PS happy new year
your Ksy

Hi ghislain! Thank you for your letter! thanks 
for photo your great look I am very pleased that you have tried
to get to the core of my letter. Not always men are seriously
disturbing thoughts of women, considering them as idle chatter. Thank
you answered my questions, it allowed me to better understand why
you're here. I'm sorry that the first letter I describe yourself and
your outlook on life in such a rude manner. But I want to prioritize
immediately introduce you to the fact that I'm looking for, and of
course to know what you need. I have a very open character so when we
first met it may seem that I do not love this world and the people
around me, but it is not. Actually I'm sociable and cheerful person. I
just have too "direct" character and notice it all around. I say only
what I think and do not like it as they say in Russia "beat around the
bush." The purpose of our dating one and we both know what it is, so I
cut in expressions. The main thing now is to find out whether our
characters. My first husband at the beginning of our life together
suits me in every way, we loved each other and understand everything.
But then I do not know why and what it has become too stay at work,
often returning home with the smell of alcohol, and sometimes not
slept at home. Perhaps the fault of his young age or something else,
but I have never had a bad wife to him and this is very disappointing.
Family for me - this is the main value in life because my parents
taught me. For me, the shock when a man is struggling to escape from
the house to have fun without his wife and children. And the main
thing in life for you? How do you see your future family? What does it
mean for your wife? This slave kitchen and bathroom, or is the closest
person in the world and a reliable friend? These questions may seem
trivial to you may be offensive, but Russian reality makes me ask
them. And the last question you are able to be faithful? It is sacred
to you? September 17 35 year anniversary of the marriage of my
parents. How much I can remember they have never had any problems of
this kind and I kindly envy them. ghislain I have to go now. Until
tomorrow. Ksy

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attention 6 arnaques du méme genre jai rencontré sur ce site

je discute encore avec certaine

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