Natasha , Nataliya

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Ukraine, luhansk
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Hi  xxxxxx))Thank you for your letter. We know almost nothing about
each other. So let's fill gap! Are you ready?) So, as you know, I'm 31
years old. My weight is 56 kg and my height- 165. I'm beautiful woman,
but   I  think  you  are  more  interested  in  my  character  and  my
personality, is’n it?=) You know, very difficult to write about myself
but  I'll  try.  I  was  born  in Lugansk. This is a picturesque city,
typical  for Ukraine. I love it!There are many monuments and sights in
Lugansk,  and  I  think if you can visit it you will be delighted with
it. Tell me about your city,it might be exciting. After high school, I
went  to  medical intstitut in Lugansk! Since my childhood I wanted to
be a doctor))) Now I work in a children's hospital of Lugansk number 7
as  a  nurse!  I  love my job! My whole day goes in communicating with
children!  It's wonderful to help little angels! Do you love children?
I'm  looking  for  a  soul  mate!  As  for me, if a person doesnt love
anyone,  he  cannot live and breathe… I want tha my man will be gentle
and  honest! Maybe it's you? I hope our meeting will go into something
more!  What's  important  to you in a woman? What qualities she should

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Mario Flores

Today's date is June 17, 2019

Today's date is June 17, 2019 . I know this woman as Viktoriya Yakowlewa, 33, of Lugansk Ukraine 91006, street Volkova 16/87 phone 380-66-467-3988 . She will only talk to men though privite email, and never on Sunday . After a vary short time she will tell you she loves you, and wants to come to your country and marry you, but she needs you to send her money for a passport and visa . then soon after that she will tell you the hospetol where she works as a nurse was just distroyed from large arrtilery fire, because of Ukrane's current war with Russia, ant now she can't work and needs you to send her money for food and rent, when in fact she does not, as she lives with a man who i am vary sure is a long time boy friend that works full time and earns just enough money to support the both of them . I beleive she is poor, but who in the Ukraine is not ! Anyway she has no inteition on ever meeting any man . It's just her way of trying to get i little extra money from who ever she can . I beleive her live in boy friend who may even be her husband, not really sure about that, but i am sure he knows all about what she does at a Internet cafe every day "except sundays" as he is the one taking most of the pictures she sends to men for this scam .

Edward Gatwood

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