Modèle d'arnaque

My dearest,its me Tatyana here your lady.

How are you doing ? i do not make you bother

reading how tired i am after work every time i come,

but this is really so and i just want to come home after work and i want

you to hug me and i want us to have a kiss and after

15 minutes i will be ready to cook a supper for you,

but what is waiting for me when i come home after

writing this letter,you are not there,and i have to

take a shower alone and then i need to go to cold bed

alone and try to sleep because sometimes is very difficult to

get a sleep even i am tired because just need to be the next to

you my prince.I can take vacation by the end of next week,

and leave Ukraine around Friday,21 of November exactly.

i belive i can fly this date,

I think to come to visit you at least for two weeks and than return

here,but i am not sure if you let me go here :)

just let me know the name of the best airport to pick me up

near your home i mean and i will find out everything from my end ?

Please send me 3 Digit code of nearest airport(International name).

The situation here in Ukraine became very difficult and people just

afraid that Russian army will start to shoot Ukrainians and if i

had a chance to leave here even for a couple of weeks it will help

me emotionally a lot,we are really scary that war can start here.

I did not tell you the story of my life when i was

small girl and why do i like dogs so much.

I was about 6 years old and when for a walk to look

for berries near the farm,there were nothing dangerous

but the forest was close and i go there and about one or

two hours everything was fine and only when the sun went

down i begun to understand that i do not know how to get back to

the farm and i begun to cry.The first night was terrible

belive me i was scary so much as i just can not describe

it how it was terrible,i drunk water from leaves i find close

to ground and i could find some berries there also as i was

professional in berries,but it led me so far from farm,

so about three days i was in the forest,eat only the berries and

i hoped no beer will come to eat me for a supper there,

i cried a lot,but if nobody hear its not reason to cry and

on the 3rd day my dog has find me and led to the farm.

When we come to the farm nobody was there because all the family,

police and woodcutters went to the forest looking for me

and just could not find for three days already my mom nearly had

the heart attack and when they return by the evening i was in

my bed very dirty but it was very happy moment in my life and

my dad had a tear but said nothing just kiss me,kiss my dog

it was named Juchka and they understand that i missed home

so much and that i have been scary and they got doctor and he said

i am ok but need to stay home and drink more milk for a week

and they should look better for me,but it was impossible to look

for me coz i was so crazy child :) So this is one more story and

i know after we get together we will have our own stories :)

We do have one story of our communication

and an other story is getting us together

forever and i want you never let me go and look for me !

i am going to have sweet sleeps and see you in my dreams

i hope i did not make you sad too much it is just important story

and it is about my life and i just want you to know about it

and i never tell this story to every one,just only closest people do

know about it and want to share my private with you and i feel i can

trust you as for myself.Thank you for being good listener,

i am going to come here soon and will be thinking about you !


P.S I do have farm pictures for you today




My address is :


Kalinova Vul 14,9 / Kiew, 03190, Ukraine




Please remember your lady in Ukraine thinking often about you !


With kisses

Yours Tatyana


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