Syzran moscou
Modèle d'arnaque

Long échange de mails, mais fin par demander de l'argent pour venir en France.Ne souhaite pas me voir arriver à Moscou !!!!!!

pas de téléphone, pas de skype, tentative d'arnaque ordinaire

de nombreuses photos à chaque mail

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello my Heart!!!! I am get up early today! I should confess that I
start to miss you very much and I can’t stop thinking of you. My
friend respects my choice and she is happy to help us. your statements
about wife and husband are very wise ad I agree absolutely with you.
Sometimes it seems to me that you read my thoughts. How are you today?
As for me, I am fine. My working day will shorter today, than usually.
So, I got a chance to write my letter to you. You know, I like to
drink some coffee or cappuccino without sugar with a cheese in the
morning. What about you? How do you like to start your day? Also, I
like to cook very much and I think you would like our Russian food,
which is very tasty and healthy. Have you ever tastes borsch? It is
the main Russian national dish. I promise to make for you the best
borsch one day. You know, I like my country, our traditions and
culture. Our people are very kind and hospitable, but I do not
understand our corrupted government, which tries to make the genocide
against the people here. Our life level is very low here and the war
took away many hopes for the future development. Terribly. Anyway, I
am an optimistic person and I never lose my hope. Can I ask you one
question? What kind of comparison can you find to the relationship
between man and woman? As for me, it is like existence in one “boat”.
I mean understanding, loyalty and respect. I think the compromise
should take the place in this “boat”. Do you know such Russian writer
as Anton Chekhov? He is one of my favorite writers and I like one
phrase of him: “If you do not know what kind of feelings you have to
the person, just close your eyes and try to imagine that this person
doesn’t exist anywhere. Then everything will become clear to you.”
What do you think about it, my heart? Sorry, I should finish my
letter! I like our communication very much!! I wish you to have a nice
day and I will be waiting for your response impatiently!! I am sending
my sweet kisses to you! Sincerely your Masha.

First name, Last name: elena

First name, Last name: elena sovetskaya29/8/1982Date of Birth: 29 August 1982Country, City: Russie, ---Address: nurlat 423040 russiaE-mail: srtrelna@gmail.comVia which site you known: pour trouver les victimes.Photos:It is the same person. As you search well you will find a couple of times this woman. Deceived me as Alena Tovashova. If someone is interested then it is on the way of the court to punish this woman and about the return of depopulated money. Write to address.


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