Ukraine, Donetsk
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Shéma habituel, me contact par Russiancupid, les mails sont préformatés, ne répond pas aux questons, et fini par demander de l'argent pour le cyber café alors qu'en début de correspondance m'indique qu'elle a un vieil ordinateur !!!!!

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Hello, Francois!I am sorry to say but I don't have money for the internet cafe anymore.I have to say that this could be a problem for our communictaion. 
Can you you help me with this? I have an internet cafe near my work but it costs money.I don't have money at all now, because of the crisis here I am not paid at work, so I don't know what to do...
I don't have enough to buy meat and other normal food..May be you could help me??? If you are serious with me and trust me.I trust you. Let's see what you think and if you really feel anything.
Waiting for the answer,Anna.

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