Inna Ruptanova

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
Kherson, Ukraine
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

      I met Inna Ruptanova in Kherson, Ukarine in February 2013. She is one of the best friends of the girl I was with there in Kherson, Tania Saiko, and Tania's sister, Lyubov Saiko.

     All of Tania's best friends came to meet me as Tania told me she was serious about me and we were working on a relationship leading to marriage. Inna was very shy at first, like most Ukrainian girls; she could not look me in the eyes when we first met, just like the rest of Tania's friends. From my experiences, on meeting Ukrainian girls for the first time this is normal; they can be very shy at first.

     We all went shopping for food and alcohol, then came back to my flat for drinks before dinner. At dinner, the girls all asked me questions about why I wanted to marry a Ukrainian girl and why Tania. They asked me to speak of my undying love for Tania, their friend at dinner. Also at dinner, Tania and I announced to everyone we would be married in a year or two. All the girls seemed supportive and happy. By the end of the evening, all the girls seemed to be having a good time and became very comfortable with me. 

     Inna and I seemed to get along well. None of the girls knew much English, but the words Inna and I could communicate with was looking at each other saying, "Party, Party." Of all of Tania's friends, I spent the most time with Inna. She came over to my flat with Tania and we spent another day together with Inna and our translator. During our time together, the water column (they have gas water columns in the kitchens in the Ukraine to heat the water) hose shot out of the gas column under pressure. It made quite a loud noise that startled all of us and water was shooting all over the kitchen. Inna held the hose in the sink while the girls called the flat owner to come and repair it (or at least turn off the water until it could be repaired).

     I thought all went well with Inna as we seemed to connect. My last night in Kherson, Tania asked me if my last night would be just with family (Tania's sister Lyubov only with the translator) or if Inna could come too. As I got along well with Inna, I said it was okay to bring Inna too and I would be glad to have her there on my last night with us. 

     Tania was staying with Inna's dad, as Tania's house was under repair and as Tania told me, Tania's dad is very strict and would not approve of Tania meeting with me in Kherson. This was Tania's way of hiding this from her dad (by staying at Inna's house) as well as it would allow her to stay out later as she was with Inna and her dad trusted Inna. Also, Tania's dad and Inna's dad were good friends so Tania's dad could keep tabs on Tania's whereabouts and he felt comfortable with Tania staying at Inna's house. 

     All was great that night. We all hung out, Tania, Inna, Lyubov, and Tania's translator with Tania's two dogs. All seemed to have fun, Inna and I would say "Party, Party" every now and then as we drank and we both learned we liked the band Muse, so we had this in common. 

     Then the end of the evening came and the girls were leaving for the taxi home. Since this was my last evening with Tania and I would only see her one more time in the morning while she said goodbye while my taxi came, I wanted to ride in the taxi with Tania home to Inna's with the girls. A normal situation. Who would not want to spend as much time as possible with the girl they love (the girl who told her friends we would be married in a year or two, and her friends all seemed to want this too)?

     This is the moment all changed with Inna and I could see she lacked any character and she was a liar. Inna would not let me ride in the taxi with her and Tania. Inna made up every excuse she could think of to not let me ride in the taxi with them. Inna stated her dad would question someone else in the taxi. I countered with I can get out of the taxi a block away so her dad would not know. I could see Inna was lying to me. I knew at that moment (and I could see it in Inna's eyes as I also had overcome any reasonable objection she had), Inna was taking Tania to Tania's boyfriend Nikita. Yes, my last night with my girlfriend, Inna was taking Tania to another man. 

     This was Inna's first outward betrayal and act of helping Tania lie, cheat, and steal from me. Then when I was stranded in Odessa, I noticed Inna, Tania's boyfriend, Nikita, and Tania all had a new "friend" on their friend lists in Vkontakte. The friend was Tanya Nikipelova (a combination of Tanya, Nikita, and Inna). Yes, my "girlfriend," the girl who stated in front of all her friends she would marry me in a year or two, and whose friends all seemed supportive not only spent my last night in town with another man (taken there by her best friend Inna), but then the three of them also created their own little "secret friend community" free from me. 

     I knew Inna was a total snake at that point; I knew Inna was a liar, cheat, and helping Tania lie, cheat, and steal from me. 

     Furthermore, when I got home to the USA, I confronted Inna. I told her I was upset with her too and asked her how she could come out with me, eat the food I bought her and drink the drinks I bought her, hang out with us, and betray me. She stated, "I come from a presigious family...I don't need you to buy me food and drinks." It seemed she missed the point, the point was she betrayed me and actively lied, cheated, and stole from me. 

     Then Inna accused me of cheating on Tania (even though she was helping Tania cheat on me). She sent me a photo of a girl in the Ukraine - the photo was from 2011 and a girl named Tonya. Inna was sitting at the computer online physically with Tania, and she would not let Tania speak to me or chat with me. Inna told me "you are done" with Tania. Later, as I was making a photo album on Vkontakte of ex girlfriends including Tania, Inna posted "xxxxxyyyyy:)))" on her Vkontakte page...obviously she was watching me and she was laughing at the pain her and Tania caused me. Yes, Inna is a real snake; she actively helped Tania lie, cheat, and steal from me, betrayed me, then laughed at my broken heart. This is the kind of person Inna is. A heartless, lying little bitch. 

     As far as her "prestigious family," Inna is a snob about this for no reason. Inna has never accomplished anything in life. Inna sits on her ass and sucks off her parents money. Inna has never worked a day in her life from what I can see. Yet, Inna feels she is entitled to anything and everything because as she says, she comes from a "prestigious family." This girl is no good. She is an accomplice to dating fraud. Inna had all the information and she actively helped Tania lie, cheat, and steal. Inna is guilty of dating fraud also. 

     In light of Inna's crimes against me and the fact she says she comes from a "prestigious family," I assumed her "prestigious" dad would not appreciate his daughter, Inna, being party to Tania's dating fraud. Also, I knew Inna was lying to her dad about being with me in Kherson. So I found Inna's dad online, sent him photos of me, Inna, and Tania together and let him know his daughter committed dating fraud against me while I was in Kherson. I also informed her dad (knowing he is good friends with Tania's dad) that he should tell Tania's dad that Tania lied to him too; Tania was with me in Odessa and Kherson and lied to her dad about it. Additionally, I knew Tania and Inna lied to Inna's dad. 

     I am confident Inna's dad addressed this issue with Inna and Tania's dad, because shortly thereafter Tania moved from her dad's house in Kherson to her grandmother's home (with her mother as her father and mother are divorced) in Germany. In other words, I am sure Tania's dad was not happy with his daughter's lies to him and the fact she is a scammer. It seems Tania's dad kicked Tania out of the house. This would be the second time Tania's dad rejected her.

     Tania lies to everyone, even her own father. Tania has no respect for anyone. It seems Inna is the same way; Inna also lied to her dad. These girls are terrible people and be warned if you ever encounter either of them. They lie, cheat, and steal. They do not care who they hurt or what they do as long as they have fun. These girls have no morals. Inna is certainly not "prestigious." Inna sits on her fat ass (I refer to her as Tania's fat friend) and sucks off her parent's money. Inna is completely worthless; she has never done anything in life and she won't. Inna will just suck off her parents money forever. She has no ambition in life except to hang out with Tania or her other friends. 

     Here is Inna's profile on Vkontakte:

     Know that if you ever meet this girl she and her friends have no problem lying, cheating, and stealing from men as long as they get money and gifts. Another disgusting, terrible person. Beware of this girl.

     Below are the blacklistings for Lyubov Saiko (Tania's sister and friend of Inna) and Tania Saiko. This way you can see the whole story and how all these girls work together to commit the crime of dating fraud. They are all guilty of dating fraud. This girl is an accomplice to this crime.

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