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My Dearest Loving John,

I hope you are having a great time thinking of me and preparing for my Arrival.
thanks so much sweetie for your encouragement and i am looking forward
in planing the rest of my life with you when i get to France,
I pray it will work out the way we have planned.

I am truly happy that i am going to be spending some time with someone like you.
You will be my everything and I will do anything for you.
I will never leave your side and when you leave for long periods of time
I will be right there waiting for you.It's such a wonderful way
that you have made me feel,i can't wait to see us together
getting used together in one accord.I wish i had wings to fly
into your arms right now to feel your gentle touch around me.
I will be so very happy once i step my feet out from the plane in Lyon
and you are there to pick me up at the airport i can imagine the fun
we are going to have when we are finally together.i can't wait to see more of you,
I'm really so excited.

I have contacted a travel agency and i have made arrangement on my flight reservation.
You can check your email for my flight itinerary,i already ask the travel agent
to send you a copy and i just sent you again myself,did you get it?,
the airfare really cost me much.My flight reservations is costing me GBP 1,000
to avoid airport restrictions so i am really doing a lot.
I have really exhausted myself today because i had to make some part payment
as well to the security company holding my stones and my baggage,
The security company is charging me GBP 1500 for bank charges and
i have deposited GBP 700 leaving me behind with GBP 800 and
i will love for you to assist me with the balance so that
i can get my goods and baggage's on transit before my departure
and i promise that i will pay you back in less than a week
once i get paid from my buyer.I hope you can assist me on this so
that i can arrange with the shipping company tomorrow.
I love you John and i can't wait for the moment to spend that blissful night with you.
You make me feel loved, you make me feel safe, but more importantly,
you make me feel wanted. Something that I hadn't felt in a very long time.
We both knew our friendship would grow right from the very first day we met.
i am proud that i met you and i promise that i will never disappoint you.
Please get back to me soon,i will like you to lend me the remaining money
so that i can get pay for the bank charges and i will refund the money
back to you as soon as i get to Lyon .

Your Woman,