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Apply money to process passport and visa for the purpose of vistarlo you. Take the situaciond and your country to request extra money pretending it has run out of money.

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itel: Vera <> 
Beitrag von marmorata29 29 am 18. April 2014 um 19:14

Vera Malinovskaya 
Rovenki Ukraine 

Hello dear new friend ! Thank for your replay, it was so nice to get 
it)))For me it is very interesting to know you more and more. I like 
your pictures))I really 
like way how you write your letter and it is interesting to read it. 
Let me tell you something about my character as well.. I am kind, 
caring, non-materialistic, nature loving, sporty, helpful, 
social...that's all I can think of for the moment. I very like my work 
and I enjoy it. I love kids very much and for me every kid is special 
and interesting. I work at school as a teacher of Ukrainian language 
for kids from 6 till 10 years old. I have high philological education 
and studied at university. Also I teach elective course of English 
language for slow learners. So I know English well. Sometimes this is 
really hard work but I like it. I love kids and this work help me to 
realize my self and help kids)))Actually I first write with someone by 
email and I do not what to write so I will write what think and what I 
feel)))By the way How long you on this site???Did you met any good 
girl???Can you tell me about your family. What relation do you have 
with them???About my family I have my mom which live in Village near 
my town. Also I have aunt and uncles and 2 cousins)))My mom's name 
Svetlana. She is so understanding, kind, tender and wise. She always 
supports me in difficult situations. Despite the fact that my mother 
has a very difficult life she still enjoys her life and think positive 
in future. She is very strong! I admire her! i will attached the 
picture of me and my mom)))and will be great to see picture of your 
family too))i am interested to see your kids))) 
I wish you a good day and hope you will write me soon))) 

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