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Te hace creer que eres la única persona con la que tiene contacto, en unos pocas semanas pasa de considerarte a su amigo a ser el amor de su vida.

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello my love!
And again I apologize for the silence, I went to my parents to celebrate Easter, as you've probably guessed. Today I have returned. So Christ is Risen!
The street was warm and we had a great time on the street. This is great! We ate painted eggs, a special dish of cottage cheese "Easter" and "cake." Here in Russia do not make chocolate eggs and chicken eggs dyed in different colors. It was fun. But my thoughts still come back to you. I can not fully enjoy anything now. Because you're not around. I miss you.
Last night I could not get a good sleep because my mind was thinking about our relationship.
All the time I think about you, and about the possibility of our meeting.
Yesterday I wrote to you that I think about our meeting and now these thoughts do not leave my head.
Our meeting will be the happiest moment in my life.
I want to hug you and kiss, because you're the person with whom I wish to be a lifetime!
My head is filled with thoughts of you, I do not understand what is happening.
My heart rejoices when I see your letter.
Your letters bring me great pleasure.
I'm glad that you can take me! My dream is to live together with you.
I hope that my dream has come true and we'll be together forever.
Today at work, I'll talk to the boss to see if I could take a vacation for a long time.
I hope they'll let me to meet you.
I'm ready right now to meet you.
I am ready to leave right now all I have to be near you.
My dear, I'll look forward to your letters.
I'm sending you lots of kisses!
I brought a picture with my parents on a winter walk.
They are funny people :) I was never bored with them. it since childhood.
With love, your Tatiana

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