Balautova Aleksandra

Modèle d'arnaque

Aleksandra Ledina

Now the lady is married.

Her new name is Aleksandra Balautova.

She does not read your mails. She does not answer really.

The letters are all identical. The same words...

And later she ask for money:

XXX. I'm sorry XXX me, I ask Do not take offense at me. I do not know
how to say. I do not know what to say.I'm bad, I'm sorry
..................I do not know where to start, do not know what to tell
you. I promised yesterday,I came, and that all our dreams come true. I
really want this.I will be with thee, and I want a reality of our
dreams.I do not need anything, just you and your love. I just want to be
with you.I have no words. Tears in his eyes. I feel very bad
becauseThey have promised and I can not do it."

Last year she asked for 615€ actually she asks for 660€.

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello XXX! I am happy and grateful that what you wrote to me ,

I was looking forward to your reply. I know your language and without problems

I write to you, and I hope you understand me. I am very

Interest in your profile, I saw that we have a lot of similarities

in him and decided to write to you. I like you as a man

and I would love to talk with you and maybe in the future

You start with a more serious relationship. I am now 37 years old,

my birthday on September 1. I live in Russia, Leningrad region, Kirovsk .

I pointed out that in my profile I'm from your country

because online dating is not my country and my city where I live.

I would like the city in which you lived ? How old are you ?

I hope you answer my questions , and they will not hurt you ,

I shall be glad if you ask your questions , I'll gladly

I 'll answer you in it . I finish my letter and I will wait for

Your photos and your quick response , I hope I will not deliver

Difficulties you . Issues Cuddle. Aleksandra

Hello my friend XXX !

Stefan , how are you ? How was your day ? All

today was a bad day in my right

disappeared , leaving only well after I your letter.

I am very glad that you do not forget about me and wrote to me .

Dear Stefan , in the future I would not mind to come in Germany .

I want to tell you about my family more . I want to tell you

as I grew up , and who raised me . I was born on September 1 , 1976, and

unfortunately it happened in my life that when I was born my mother died

and raised me all my life my favorite father , whose name is Igor.

Then my father in 45 years, met a girl , and now he lives with her, her

the name of Anna , she also has a son who is a half brother to me, he

Country living where you live.

My father is 67 years old and already retired.

My father lives in Saint - Petersburg is about 3 hours drive away from me on the bus.

Every month we go with my father to my mother's grave ,

to visit them and to clean up on her grave , my father says that I copy

my mother that it was the same as I , my father still loves her very much .

Earlier in the childhood with my father , we went every summer in the woods for mushrooms , picking berries

and even fishing, my father is very funny and he is not like all men

Russia, he is not evil , he never cries and he loves me very much and I will always

said I to find a good man, and that he was a jet to another

Country, because in Russia there are no good and friendly people.

I want to ask you what is your character?

You want to drink a lot ? Stefan just tell the truth . I hope not.

I do not drink or smoke , only on holidays I drink some let

Wine . I do not mind , what would the man drank , but not much and not often. Stefan , I would like

say at once that I do not like yelling and arguing. I love to laugh and I want it

that would be my favorite was always happy and never sad. And I will

for them to do . I 'm ready to kiss him all the time when he makes it

happy. I wish that we enjoyed with him our love that we have a passion and tenderness.

I believe that any misunderstandings can settle safely and without expletives .

Today I 'm with my foster brother Send a photo with my father and his wife

and the same, I hope the picture I send today , you like it

I would also like to take photos in the church, which , in the place

I go to was send with my father, and you believe in God ?

I'll be waiting impatiently for your letter .

I look forward to .......

your Aleksandra

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