Prénom/First name
Luhansk region in Shastie
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

Rien de nouveau à l'Est, mecontacte par mail, et au troisième mail c'est l'amour fou, me donne pas son NMR de téléphone mais commence à me préchauffer pour payer le traducteur, et d'un éventuel voyage en France.Rien qu'à voir les premières photos on est certain d'avoir un scammer en face, d'ailleurs son email est déja signalé sur de nombreux site anti-scam..... donc sans surprise

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Hi Francois.
I am pleased to read your letter. Thank you for your compliment. ) )
no time?
no desire ?
no opportunities ?
if you choose from these options , why I was not abroad. I would not hesitate to choose all of these options!
because there is no desire, no money , no time.
Of course, I would like to see other countries and see a different culture .
see other countries it is exotic !
And whom do you work? Here I work seller of cosmetics at the mall. it's not a big shop where many girls love to come )
I like to work . I especially like to work with natural cosmetics . a
woman's face should be natural and not waxy . in some ways I'm proud of
myself because I have to convince some girls to treat deficiencies , and
not hide behind makeup. many of these girls are now my constant clients
with the head is not so smooth as desired . often with a co-worker with
him to swear, because it forces us to work in your weekend and do not
pay . but because of that we became friends with co-worker and are now
best friends . I like working here because there's a lot of
communication with the other girls . and sometimes what you can learn
and the girls who come to our shop .
Here is a my job ) It is not boring , and interesting )
Waiting for your letter.
Angelica .

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