Nina / Anna

Nina / Anna
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 Tells she is getting her visa to America now.. and after she egt laptop she need help to pay her  Hotel in Moscow before they will give her the travel visa back..  But could not use skype or webcam.. says she not have at home.. Only internet cafe.. 

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  I am so happy we meet.. I feel  can love you so much now.. i like your picture's.. I have so enjoyed the last 4 weeks we write and learn each other... I am going to get laptop so I can webcam with you.. But i need little help with money.. I am going today to Moscow.. My mother give me help to get Visa to come to you... She only want us send her picture's when we are together as familiy........     Next  couple of letters. after getting laptop..  .. i have done all paper's they ask and they tell i can have travel visa.. But now i need like help with ticket.. I have to buy ticket here in Moscow . they want to see round trip ticket first... If you love me we can be together in 3 days.. please trust me.. i love you...   

can't believe I was so stupid

can't believe I was so stupid to believe this ..


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jolie belle femme

jolie belle femme

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