Mariya Perevozchikova

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
Kirova 20
427790 Mozhga
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

La jeune fille a utilisé le site de rencontres, écrivant que elle était de Zug (Suisse) avec le prenom Mascha, depuis changé in Mariya.

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

It is very pleasant to me that you answered me. I am very glad that interested you.
I want to tell to you that I look for the man with whom I can create the serious relations. I want to find the man who knows that wants in this life. I want, that it was honest and sincere with me. I want, that our relations were on mutual understanding. What do you think of it?
Tell, what you look for in the woman? What do you want to receive from our acquaintance?
I think that we should know each other better.
I want the man on whom it is possible to rely completely to which I will trust completely.
I think that the man should be the main thing in a family, and the woman should store the family center.
You will agree with me?
I do not love, when me deceive. I think that we should be sincere and honest before each other.
I want to tell a little about myself.
Certainly it is difficult to tell something about myself because I for the first time get acquainted with the man by means of the Internet. It is very unusual to me. But I will try to begin.
That I can tell about the character. I am an optimist. I am not lost in difficult situations because I think that all difficulties are tests.
I think that my character soft. I do not love quarrel and when people raise the voice. I think that any problem should be solved peacefully, without the evil and shout.
I understand that all of us differ that there are no ideal people. But that we differ, it and does us by the personality.
It is difficult to write about itself in one letter. I think that in the subsequent letters we can study each other to understand, we are suitable for the serious relations or not.
I want, that you as wrote about yourself. It will be very interesting to me.
Tell please, what you love, what your hobby? Tell about your way of life.
I want to learn really, whether you want the serious relations?
I do not want to waste time in vain on simple correspondence as I look for the partner for the serious relations.
Tomorrow I will wait your letter.
I hope that our acquaintance will proceed.
Your new girlfriend of Mariya.

Hello my dear friend XXX. I am glad that you have written to me.
I was given by huge pleasure to know that I to you am not indifferent. Your remarkable letters became a part of my life.
Because I cannot without your letters any more, and I cannot without your news. I open every day the mail box and I wait your letter.
I am always very glad when I receive your letter quickly. Your letters do me happy.
Because I do not have person who would understand me better, than you.
My love, I has fallen in love with you. But it is a pity to me that you cannot give to me more. I understand you. Nevertheless, I am glad that we will be friends. Forgive me, but I cannot hide the feelings to you, therefore I will write about my feelings to you. Probably sometime I will arrive to you and we can secretly meet.
My sweet, I want to ask you. You could send for me phone "Sony xperia Z1"? If you could send such phone we could communicate more to communicate. We could see and hear every day each other. I could establish on such phone skype. What do you think of it? You can send for me such phone?
XXX, I am grateful to destiny that it has reduced me with such remarkable person as you.
I have realised it, under last your letters. And with everyone new the letter, I am more and more convinced of it.
XXX, it seems to me that is better the man than you, is not present in this world! It is a compliment and my personal opinion which cannot be changed.
I want to tell to you that really as well as you I open to you the soul and I tell all that I think.
I really trust you and I hope that you trust me!
XXX, what plans at you for today? Me today have invited to birthday. To my colleague 32 years today were executed.
She is very remarkable woman. She is engaged in transport logistics.
I did not know that to it to present. Also has decided to buy to it tea service of blue colour.
It will seems to me that a good ornament of a festive table.
XXX, what you think of it? I had no a lot of time, on it I have not had time to issue packing.
But I think that it will not be mourns about it.
We in the country have a custom. The person which goes on birthday, should bring with itself a gift.
You have such tradition? I think that as it is always very pleasant to receive a gift.
How affairs are at you? Tell to me, it is very interesting to me to know about it. What else there is a custom in your country?
Forgive that I can not tell more. At me almost does not remain to time. It is time to me to run, as for me wait.
I think that will be ugly if I is late. XXX, whole, I wait from you the answer tomorrow.
While while, yours Mariya

Hi my love XXX!
Now I can tell with confidence that I love you. You love of all my life. You love which I waited all my life. Also I love you pure sincere love. XXX, for that time that we are familiar, you have entered into my heart. You have won it, now my your heart and only yours! I would want just my feelings to you grew.
My love, you can to send next week for me phone? I very much want to stir as soon as possible with you more.
Me does not confuse that you are from me far. As I think that for love there are no borders. And it is impossible to measure love by borders. I want, that you could fall in love with me on the present. XXX, strongly it would be desirable me. I am happy that have met in the life you. Because I feel that with you I will be happy. I understand that you which that person I searched! You the person with whom I can feel on the present that such love. XXX, I know that with you I always will be favourite. I know that with you I will be as behind a stone wall. And always I will be is in love and care. I as would like to give you all love and care.
XXX, I thought much, me one question interests. XXX how in your opinion, the woman should work? She should earn money for a family? For the female requirements? XXX, me on the present interesting your opinion. I thought of the future, I thought of that as could live together. I do not like to sit in place. Also there is nothing not to do. I have got used that I can always take care of myself. Instead of to waste time on that to be at home and watch TV! I as would like to benefit. To benefit for a family, for the beloved. XXX, tell that you think of it?
I certainly understand that the woman should care of a family, the house, about the beloved. As I consider that the woman stores the family centre. To care of a family life. As she always should meet the man. They should feed, give to drink the favourite. To give it the heat and care. To care when it is ill. XXX, to me would be wanted to give this all to you. That when you go from work, you always knew that wait for you and love! XXX, what your thoughts on it? It is important and very interesting to me. As I do not know, how affairs in your country are. I listened that women in your country behave not so well. That they like to receive only benefit from the man. XXX, it seems to me that not correctly.
My favourite XXX, I want to know your thoughts on all. I with impatience will wait from you your story, your thoughts. Please answer my questions.
XXX, you there is nothing I address to you “my favourite”? It is very pleasant to me so to address to you.
On it I likely will finish the letter. I will wait from you the answer tomorrow. XXX, the remarkable photos have come to me please. It will be very pleasant to me to receive from you a photo! Bye Bye

The girl is a scam.

The girl is a scam. Everything is fake. Don't fall in its trap!


bonsoirquel et le vrai nom de


quel et le vrai nom de cette personne 


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Who will get the real name of this person?

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