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21 rue Sovetskaya Barvenkovo Région de Kharkov Ukraine

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Jusqu'au bout !

Des mon premier message je lui dis que j'ai déjà eu trop affaire au arnaques et que quoi qu'il arrive je n'enverrais pas d'argent en Ukraine. Insiste, envoi même sa carte d'identité (une fausse !) et au bout de quelques mails veut me voir.

Quand je lui dis qu'elle doit se débrouiller par elle même et que je ne pourrais lui donner de l'argent en France est "desespéré" de ne pas pouvoir. La vie est trop dure....

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1er message, c'est elle qui me contacte sur russian cupid (profil disparu le lendemain)

Hello dear Berty!
Thank you for your letter! I think we’ll find a lot in common with you hope we’ll continue our communication. Now I want to tell you a bit about myself. I’m 26 years old. I was born on 24 may 1987. My height is 166 and weight is 52 kg. I’m a hairdresser. I live in a small town Barvenkovo situated in Kharkov region in Ukraine. You can ask me any questions if you are interest in me. I’ll tell you more about me with a great pleasure! 
I’m here to find my second half. I don’t want to waste time for playing silly games. I want to meet a man who is looking for the same. I want to have serious relations and to create strong and happy family. If you are here not just for fun but with intentions to find the right woman for you to share your live with her let’s try to know each other better. 
I will be looking forward to receiving your reply. 

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Hi my dear Berty!
I was very glad to receive your letter! I hope to learn something new about you every day!
Thank you for your photo! First of all I must say that you are handsome man! 
And also i think that woman should be beautiful, for man it is more important to be reliable kind with his woman.
I don’t think that age difference can be a problem for two people who want to be together. Can these silly figures be interesting for anyone? Hardly they can. I think pairs in which woman is younger than her man are the strongest because both partners find that doesn't suffice to them in these relations. For example I couldn’t have serious relations with men of my age because of their immaturity. You are adult and wise man who knows that wants from life and relations. Reliability is felt in you. I think it will be easy and comfortable to be with man like you. 
It doesn't matter for me if you are rich or not. I wait for you just to be honest and sincere with me.
I want to know you better because I have to understand if you are the right man for me. I’m looking for my future husband here. I want to have a reliable man near me to create family with him. My own family now is an example for me. My parent have been married for many years and they have two common children-my younger brother Dima by name and me. We are very happy family. We like to spend much time together. And by the way my parents still go out on dates! 
I know that there is no ideal people and relations. But when people have mutual understanding, respect and interest their relationships will last forever.
I wish you nice day there and wait for your answer back!

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